Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Contemplating ...

Good morning .... yes,lol.... still alive and thought I pop in quickly. Reggie has just left for work and I have the day to myself , but working the night shift tonight.
What has been going on? Well, all good things really- we have VIP Tickets for WWRY on the 30th of June, and there's still the after show party as well.
Yup, that's the show-and Ivy aka Morgana will be on stage dancing. So looking forward to meeting all my NC friends at the show and party.What else have I been up to?
I transformed a boring white wall here with painted on butterflies and glued on rhinestones. Makes it look so much more interesting.

And  success with weighloss...another jeans size smaller-whooohooo ! OK, the loose top doesn't really show it,lol.

Not that long now ,63 days and I can't wait ! And I'm also looking forward to the warmer weather. Reggie tells me it's going up to the 84 degrees today while we have a freezing 42 degrees and rain here...brrrrrr........
Designing? nope-I started and have no inspiration to carry on , I'm giving up for the time being. I just don't have the time either.If I'm not working or doing the chores in this place I'm on web cam every spare minute with him, and even during our work breaks we keep messaging each other, or are on the phone.So for the time being I'm resigning as Designer.Maybe I will pick it up again some time in the future...who knows? I might scrap some pics in between but that will most likely be all. I've been contemplating this for a while and there is just no point forcing myself to do stuff and then it doesn't turn out right. I still pop in from time to time or post one of my old designs as an occasional freebie though.
And now I have to get my ass into gear and get ready and stuff done. So till next time
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Alive and kicking I can tell!
Oh, a lot of people will be very sorry to hear you give up designing for the time being. But you;re right, if there's no real fun and inspiration in it, you better leave it alone for now. Still I hope you give us signs of life every now and then, hey????
Don't levae us in complete darkness!
63 days, that doesn;t seem much anymore. Do you have already some little butterflies in your stomach, and not only on the wall??
I am happy to notice you are okay and happy. By the way, good girl, loosing some weight! I wish you could pack those pounds in a little box and send it over to me ROFL>!! I could do with a bit extra.
But hee's life going it's way, cannot complain, most important is that we both feel well, and still have fun together.
Have a great day, greets to Reggie and Sean.