Thursday, May 10, 2012

Uhmmm...hello again,lol

Yup, I'm still there ! And guess what this is?
Yes, I've been playing a little bit again.
Well, I do need something to scrap and journal my trip next month,lol.Only 40 days and I'm on my way to North Carolina and Reggie.
Holy shit, this Amendment 1 is really a trip back to the dark ages ! In case some wonder why this Amendment 1 bothers me... this is a world world wide problem, not just NC -it's time to speak out against hate, intolerance and discrimination of any kind and simply accept people as they are !Hypocrisy and judging others on their likes, orientation or believes have no room in my life.
I heard about bullying and intimidation going on when people came to vote, but also about some making a stand against it. It even made the news across here. Bible Belt? - yeah, I know-heard about it,lol.Let them believe what they want. ... For a Pagan like me it makes no difference. The time when I was insecure and used to hide it has been long gone.Anyway, enough of political crap,lol. Here some pics that were taken since I popped in here last.
Oh yes - new Motorbike for Junior as well,lol
And that's all for now-I leave you with a video of a great new band
Hanging Doll -Carnival of Sin....till next time -hugs Snowy

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