Friday, October 19, 2012

Last parts of Halloween freebie 1

Hi again,
I had a few nice days off this week and got a lot done in here. Apart from that it was hibernation time,lol. I really only went out when I had to , just did what I liked and chilled out a lot.
My kitchen had a little of an overhaul as well. The Housing Association only put 3 rows of tiles above the cooker. That means when frying you easily end up with greasy fat splatters above the tiles on the paint. I tried to clean it up, but scrubbing too much only results in taking a layer of the paint off. So I cleaned up first and then applied a new coat of paint-it's clean again !
I thought by having some images or artwork on the plain painted wall any reoccurring splat marks would not be quite as out came my stencils and stamps and the wall above the cooker became a trial for stencils,lol. It's different , somehow adds a sort of vintage Country Cottage style to my kitchen , which I was aiming for.
I was also lucky to find a bargain this week. A chalkboard which colour and design was a nightmare , but for only £1.49 I wasn't too bothered about that. I had planned to give it a new look anyway. So printer on,paper in ....and I literally wallpapered over it with modpodge ,lol. The papers are from, a favourite place for this sort of style.This is what it looked like before ...
...and in between ...
...almost done ... final touch ...a little bird on the chalk tray :)
My master piece is proudly hanging in my kitchen now.
Besides that I made a few more Christmas cards as well....same blog page where I got the images from , just printed out and cut.
 I have a few more projects planned ... and I have my Halloween costume ready ....just planning on some awesome make-up now....and should I wear a wig??? Shaun , his GF and myself shall be having some fun , will get to see eventually :)

Anyway, with all this there was no time for scrapping or designing , but I have the freebie parts uploaded for you.
Here you go :

Today is shopping day, I have to stock up the fridge,freezer and cupboards before it's back to work tomorrow.
Next freebie next week again -till then
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Oh, I just love what you did with th e wall, and certainly with that AWEFUL chalkboard. Something soo cheap can turn in into something pleasant to look at, that's my girl!!! LOL.
Glad you had some great days off.
Oh, about your Halloween outfit, I don;t think you will need to wear a wig.
Perhaps you can use some hairspray in a strange colour with or without some glitter in it, and you can easily wash it out the next day.
Curious to see all your outfits!
Have a great weekend.

Edna B said...

I'm finally catching up on my reading. My, you've been busy! Your holiday crafts are super. And you're right! Time is flying! Before you know it, it will be December. Will you and Reggie be doing anything special for the Holidays? (Besides being together) lol. I'm at work now, and have to get busy now. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.