Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creative high :)

Hi all,
I rock ! Lol, I know ...I'm boasting , but I'm so happy with my designs in the moment ! I created a new kit in record time and I loooove the result !
Oh , and Kyra, I found what I need for my Halloween outfit,lol

Edna is asking : Will you and Reggie be doing anything special for the Holidays?
The most important thing is :no stress , plenty of chill time ! We have a cinema visit planned. The Hobbit is being released on the 14th of Dec , so we will go and watch it together. Reggie will be cooking our Christmas Dinner (he mentioned Ham ) so we'll have to do some shopping for that. There are 5 of us in the house together with Sharon, Joe and Jessie.I suggested to go for a nice meal for New Year , maybe to the Melting Pot again , but it could be that Reggie knows another great place - let's see. We don't make that many plans , rather go by what we feel like doing at the time.
In the moment we are both tired and exhausted from work , so the priority is definitely to recover from that and get new energy.I'm hoping for a few nice days so we can go for walks as well.
What else ? My herbs have been cut down and are ready for Winter , that sage , which was tiny seedlings two years ago is now a bush.

And in front of my window it looks like a pumpkin storage place - makes a good decoration .... but these beauties will be used up soon

There's still a huge Butternut squash in the kitchen as well , and a bag full of sweet potatoes .... I already have some recipes lined up for my days off. And I will be baking .... pumpkin mmmhhh...yummie :)
And my Samhain altar is done as well.

lol, did I mention I have beaten my beloved Reggie playing darts ? It's only a game on Facebook , but considering I'm not much of games person and had never played it before two weeks ago , I'm patting myself on the shoulder:)
Reggie said :Yeah, but it's not the real thing ...I know .
Shaun suggested to get a Dartboard , he said he wouldn't mind playing ...we might just do that. Certainly something to do for us together besides TV , Monopoly or Yatzi .
So watch out, my love .... I might be a natural born dart player ...who knows???

Anyway , here a few teasers with new designs

The new kit is called Winter Rose , still have to make previews, rename some files etc.
At the weekend it's freebie time again ...still have to make up my mind which kit I will put up . I have two store kits in mind , but which one first...hmmm????
Until then
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Better not making too many plans, just let it come day after day, what you want to do or not.!
Just make sure you chill out a lot, recharge yourself for the new year LOL.

The add to your Halloween costume looks GREAT!
And your new kit Winter Rose looks to become wonderful!
Am in full speed, with Arlene too, for Christmaskits. Now also want to start on a winter kit. May be later today I can make a start, first have to do some usual things, yak!
Hey, have a lovely weekend (oh By the way, yeah for you girl, beating Reggie on the darts LOL)