Saturday, October 06, 2012

Next freebie and the first Christmas Designs

Hi all,
It's my first day off after a busy week and a couple of days getting a few more grey hairs ( if the hair dye wouldn't cover them,lol)
I blame Shaun. He turned on the hot water tap in the kitchen -and we couldn't turn it back off ! It had become completely stuck. End result: I had to turn off the water completely and phone the repair service of the Housing Association, explained the problem and then the wait..... they promised a quick response. I explained I am working night shift and could they please ring my phone in case I don't wake up from the doorbell. No problem -they said.

 4 hours later ...still waiting and another phone call. Yes, I am on the list , they confirmed. Then time to leave for work.....Next phone rings. The electrician is at the door for repair. Hold on ! I need a Plumber ! They sent me the wrong man. Another phone call.

I go to bed, I need sleep ...another night shift to do....wake up rather drowsy after 3 hours....doorbell in ringing. quickly into some clothes and by the time I'm down the stairs he is driving away ...WTF???? Call again...they tell me he's on his break and will come back after. Pheeeew.....

Plumber finally there , repairs the damage and says the storage water tank will just have to fill up now , heat the water and I'll be okay.Tired ...only 3 hours of sleep

This morning after a night of struggling to stay awake : Water is warm , but what comes out of the tap is a small dribble...there seems to be no pressure....oh joy, I will have to make another phone call.....

On the bright side , I have started with a Christmas kit. And already done a couple of QPs as teasers. Here you go ....

And I just couldn't resist this one,lol know me, always up to some mischief ;)
 What else? I'm continuing with some more Fall and Halloween decor
It's very easy to do,these birdies are printed , cut out and stuck to the wall .I found them on
That is also the site where I found the printable leaves.
If you like crafting this sort of stuff follow me on Pinterest, I have a lot more on my boards there. The link is at the side.

I went for an Autumn walk and feeding the squirrels...although walking through the woods made me miss Reggie something rotten. It reminded me so much of our walks in NC , and walking on my own just wasn't the same.

But enough now, let's get the freebie out of the box !
Here is my other Mabon kit

And next week the Halloween freebie will be about to start.
In the meantime I will carry on designing and I'm having a Hibernation weekend ,lol...I will not answer the door or phone, I will be lazy , recover from my night shifts and pamper myself. The only one I want to see and talk to for these two days will be Reggie.
I need some "Me-time" , total relaxation and being lazy ;)
So 'till next weekend
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Oh, LOL, we both have trouble with water. You from the tank and me from a leak.
Hopefully the pressure will come back after another visit from the plumber to you, and then you really do need some days to get a lot of sleep!
I hope today the owner of the appartment above us will come as he said, and more that he will fix the problem. All that water is damaging my wall and even cupboard!

Wow, you already started on a Christmaskit! I should do that to one of these days.
Hey, did you tell Shaun he better leaves all taps alone now??, ROFL!!

Didn;t get lots of sleep last night either, and woke up early this morning cause Jan had to work. But I probably can catch a wink later today.
Have a wonderful lazy weekend, sweetie!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBB Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Oct. 07, 2012. Thanks again.