Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last downloads for Autumn kit

Hi again,
finally off after another 56 hour week at work.
...and only 30 days now. Today next month I will have already spent my first night in NC.
Everything ready to go. The Postman just brought my Amazon order of books to keep me occupied during the long journey, so all I need to do is to pack when the time gets closer.

We had the local Bird of Prey Sanctuary doing some fundraising here. For me it was a chance to get close and personal with these amazing birds.
Reggie used to tell me about his owl , which they found when he was younger as a little baby bird.They raised it and let it free in the end. Ever since then he loved owls. Same as the Raven is for me, the owl is his bird. And I have to say, these birds are gorgeous! Gemma was no light weight,lol.
Today I give you the last downloads for the Autumn Kit, all together is the preview.
So here the last pieces...
another background
3 different tags
a mat
and an extra ribbon which I forgot on this preview, silly me...

I'll be working on more new designs ....actually, I have already started.
Wanna see a little teaser? Here's a layout with a few new pieces

I leave you with some music. Two of my favorite female vocalists have teamed up to make a song together.
The result is a fantastic song with lyrics and a video to make you think.....
Within Temptation, a dutch band (one of my favs) have teamed up with Tarja , ex vocalist of Nightwish.
This is "Paradise-what about us?"
Till next time
Hugs Snow

1 comment:

smiekeltje said...

Oh, time is really speeding up for you now. Just 30 days and off you go!
Those birds of prey are wonderful animals, they have something mysterious about them, specially the owls. How long you were able to hold the owl on your arm> They are, as you said, no light-weights!
Hey, we have some pretty good bands here in Holland LOL!
You have a qwonderful day, enjoy the days off after your long working week!