Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finally some more pieces ....

Hi all,
I'm finally finding the time to upload a few more pieces for the kit.
We are short staffed at work still , so overtime seems to be a regular thing at the moment. But I'm not complaining.A litte extra cash is always welcome, specially as it's coming up to Christmas and only 4 weeks now  until I fly across to Reggie again.

Autumn is in full swing here, the ground littered with fallen leaves in autumn colors, and the weather....hmphhh....we had a lot of strong winds and rain.
But Halloween and Thanksgiving are only a short time away.
My old boy Sam is making the most out of the sunshine when he can catch a few rays through the window.
But I better get to the new downloads for you. I still have things to do in the house before I have to leave for work again.
Today I have another background
an Autum leaves page border
a leaves and acorn element
and a Words/title element
Enjoy ! And I'll be back with more when I find the time :)
Hugs Snow

1 comment:

smiekeltje said...

Just 4 weeks and you will fly again. Oops, that is going fast!
Your Sam is just like our Brodski, taking it easy LOL
Do take care and don't do too much with all the overtime you have and then the housekeeping and more!
Have a great time, give greetings to Reggie.