Thursday, October 24, 2013

Altered Shoe box

Hi all,
thought I show you my latest project.
I recently bought a pair of boots and had this normal plain box they came in. Now, I was in need of a new storage box anyway, and why spend money and  buy one if I can simply pretty this brown shoe box up a bit?
So out came the tissue paper, in this case I picked a pretty vintage one with pale pink roses , glue, scissors and some decorations. First I had to cut some pieces to size and glue them onto the box and lid.
Then I let it dry over night. Already made the box look a lot nicer.
I didn't want a smooth , new look, so before I glued the paper on I scrunched it up in my hands to give it an old wrinkled effect, and then flattened it onto the glue covered surface.
I cut 2 pieces of pain beige cotton ribbon band and also glued it in place.The I tied a bow and put it on top. Some extra decoration like 3 little fabric roses, a few skeletton leaves, a tag and the whole thing is ready.
Now isn't that a nice way of recycling a box,lol?
Till next post
Hugs Snow


smiekeltje said...

Looks nice! I once did that too and I think i still have the box in use LOL.

Edna B said...

Love your owl photos. Time is going quickly, and soon you'll be flying again. Hope your journey is fabulous. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.