Sunday, November 17, 2013

Countdown and new Freebie

Hi all,
yup, the countdown is in full swing !
After my shift today I only need to do 2 more night shifts , then I have 2 days to recover , do shopping so my son has the fridge and freezer filled up and buy enough cat food and litter to last for the time I'm away. Oh and of cause the most important part....finish packing my suitcase !
A good part of it is already packed with some German treats and other chocolate items man does have a sweet tooth as well,lol.
And I have to remember to print out the recipe for that Sauerbraten marinade. I'll be cooking some German dishes over there .... he also has a thing for Bratwurst and I'm gonna make a nice Potato salad to go with them.
lmao, so many things planned out already.
Anyway.... I have been busy designing and even managed to complete the kit I started. It contains some Christmas designs, but part of it can also be used for every day scrapping.
I called it "Simplicity" because generally Christmas is a time these days when the Banks and  Corporations make big profits because people go nuts buying expensive presents. I've always been trying to get away from that. It shouldn't be about money I opt to have a "simple" Christmas with lots of handmade stuff and little personal gifts which don't cost the world.
Here some previews

Today I give you 2 zips from the kit , the other 2 will be coming next week before I leave

Enjoy and until next post
Hugs Snow  :)

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smiekeltje said...

It is really coming near your visit to Reggie!!
Always a little bit hectic those last days, because you have to think of so many things, but then the reward is there LOL!
Hope you will have a terrific time.
Your right about Christmas, it isn;t about the amount of money, it is the thought behind it and the effort people make to find the right presnet(s). And it even is nicer I think to be able to find something for another person that isn;t expensive but can be handy or just lovely!
Your kit looks great!
Have a wonderful day