Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No rest for the wicked (Witch)

Hi all,
Thought I had disappeared again? No, just been mega busy doing overtime at work and had not much time to do anything else.
But I had a few days break now and been designing some more.
It's not long now until I fly across to Reggie again ....I'm starting my last batch of shifts tomorrow and then when I come off night shift it's a case of sleep , pack suitcase and off I go next week ;)
But here's what I've been up to....playing with Owls again....the little one is Otis , a real South African cutie, who nibbles your nose if you put yor face closer
...A shopping trip with some bargain finds, all together under £10.00...I love the natural rustic look of these.

And of cause the new designs, here some teasers ...
Here's the above one with quote
...and a little preview of what I have so far.
I upload and post the kit in parts when I have some more soon as I find the time,lol.
For now I'm looking forward to spending time with Reggie and we're going to a concert on the 24th. This is who and what we are going to see. The Trans-Syberian Orchestra

Until then
Hugs Snow x x x


smiekeltje said...

Yeah I thought you might have left already to see Reggie!
Nice things you have found for a bargain. Don;t you love to find bargains LOL! I do!!!!
New kit looks beautiful.
And oh, I would love to see and touch those beautiful owls.
Take care, hope you will not be too tired from the next shift so that you will arrive a bit fit at Reggie's.
And sorry, I didn;t find any housefairies yet, but if I do, unexpectedly, I will ask them nicely to fly over to you LOL!

Edna B said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Reggie. You'll really enjoy the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They are just fabulous!! Hugs, Edna B.