Thursday, November 21, 2013

Almost D-day and the next 2 parts

Hi all again,
I'm packed ! Well apart from the few bits and bobs I still need in the morning.
The place is clean and tidy, and I have been wondering if I should take before and after shots. Son home alone ....OMG!
I'm prepared to fight dust devils and come back home to chaos and disorder.
Let's face it....21 year old males just don't have the interest to clean when mum is away.
But I could not help leaving some reminders.
Close up.... it reads:please water and keep me alive ! No, don't water the cat,please!
And I just couldn't resist the chalk board message after he used Febreze to clean surfaces a few years ago.

I have even started on a new kit.Not sure how much time I find to work on it the next weeks, but it's definitely a work in progress.
But for now the two new links for Simplicity.

I'll be back when I can and maybe post some pics of what we are up to.
Till then
Hugs Snow :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Have a good trip!

smiekeltje said...

Big smile on my face, looking at your "reminders"for Sean ROFL!!! Hope they will help!
Oh, D-day really is near now.
Wishing you a terrific time, would be nice if you found a moment to let us know you arrived safely, of course( I am sounding like a "mother-hen"don;t I??? LOL)
Anyway, bring my greetings and a hug to Reggie, he'd better take good care of you, (grain).

Edna B said...

Have a safe, happy trip Snowy. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back.. I though you were gone for good.. I even left you a FB message. Have a great trip and thinks for the freebies ..Genie