Friday, December 06, 2013

Finally a hello from NC

Hi all, 
hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. For us it was a cosy and lazy day, just the two of us.
I arrived safely , Reggie was waiting to pick me up. 
And yes , we did go to the TSO concert. It was fantastic ! The whle show, music and lights were  amazing!
Apart from that it's been a mellow time. Walks together, shopping , cooking....just daily life together really.
And of cause a visit to Michaels.... definitely a  favorite  store,lol... I've even been busy already and finished a craft project with some small pine cones and nuts we found on  our  walk through the woods.
And I mixed up my own green , chemical free Leather conditioner /cleaner. It's very simple: 2 parts Olive Oil , 1 part vinegar ..add a few drops of your  favorite  essential il for nicer smell and fill into a spray bottle. 
Apply and clean with a soft cloth.It works a treat. 
Reggie's sofa looks great again.

And this is the view from the Mail box,.House in the woods's peaceful here :) 

This weekend we'll drive to Concord to visit Nita , and I'll be doing the Dance workshop with her. 
For now it's sleep time ...till next post 
Hugs Snow

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smiekeltje said...

You seem to have a wonderful time!
Nice to have also some lazy days with the two of you.
Hope your visit to Nita will be great too, and LOL sounds fun you do the Dance workshop.
Continue your great time overthere,
Lots of greetings to you and Reggie.