Sunday, January 12, 2014

Still alive,lol....

I know I have not been on here a while...and Kyra will tell me off again,I think.
Hi all,
I've  been  so busy with other things that I didn't find time to design much or write on my blog.

A few days after I came back from Reggie it was back to work , and you know what it's like with "a son home alone". I had to catch up with some cleaning and other housework.

For Christmas I got a Kindle  Paper-white  , so I can have all my books on that little device now to read. And for my Birthday it was a new 2 TB external drive. So I stated to  transfer  a lot of files to that drive from discs I burned in the past because my old 320 gig drive was full. A time consuming job, but I will get there.

Plus I started another x-stitch project.This will take me forever , but so worth it in the end .I will show some pics of the work of art later on when I made some more progress.
I also made my own Body Butter. I am sick of the preservatives and artificial stuff in cosmetics. It doesn't need much and is quick to make, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil and your  favorite essential oil. Melt ,mix, whip and ready :)
Then I have a little Scapbook project going as well.This is the front page.
I'm doing some exercises every day to boost my fitness and lose some weight...and ...and ..and see how it is.There are not enough hours in the day for me besides all this and work. And of cause spending time with Reggie online. He and Shaun come first.
I am planning my next trip for across in June.  Reggie  will be working, but we have time after work, the weekends and holiday when he's off. I will take care of the house and garden while he is away.

But  let  me tell you about my blunder. You can see I am clearly not used to  living in a house in the sticks.
Here at home I put the bag with garbage in  front of the door until I have time to bring it to the bins. I learned my lesson when I did the same at Reggie's place,lol.
Some little critter thought there was something nice in this bag , and when I looked the contents of the bag where littered across the porch. Most likely a  raccoon or something like that that. Lesson learned ,I won't do that again,lol.

But I have a little something ready for you.
A Valentine qp from the kit I am working on.
Enjoy , and I'll be back with more soon
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Gosh, you're still alive LOL!
Sounds you had a busy time after your return. Okay, sometimes we do hate it, (mostly because there are not enoug hours in a day) but on the other hand it is wonderful, we CAN keep busy with all kind of things.
Yeah, you;re right, I started to get worried a bit, that you kept a so long silence!!!!
Oh, I so would like to have an external harddrive, where I can put on some resources to keep safe and put on my kits( that I burn now on dvd's), but that kind of thing will have to wait. Income isn't a load of money and bills come first and then of course food and such and then not much or nothing at all is left at the end of the month. But we'll manage, Jan still in sickness benefit, so you can imagine income isn;t to great. No way he will be able to take on again his job in short time( health care at people's home), and with crisis going on I don;t see where he could find another job that would put not such a strain on his backand such. At our age, with so namy people unemplyed, no big chance to find a job, despite of all the so-called uplifting talk of the government grin.
Still we shoudn't complain too much, lots of people have it a lot more difficult.
And we still can laugh, so we'll just see what future brings.
Oh, my, I sound a bit pityfull, and I don;t want that at all, because I am not. Just sometimes it gets a bit to someone.
Done with that, I am happy you are okay and had a wonderful time with Reggie and now you can look forward to the next trip. Be aware, June will arrive much sooner than you might think!
enough now, have to go posting on my blog a bit and then some housework is waiting for me, hoorray!
Lots of hugs

Genie Wooden said...

glad you had a nice holiday and thanks for the QP

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for the wonderful freebies. I have a question. I read somewhere that you have two great kits - Highland Love and Bonnie Scotland-BlueSeas, but I can't find them on your site. Are they still there somewhere?