Sunday, March 27, 2016

Creative again

Hi ,
after a batch of early shifts , getting up at 4.30 am and falling comatose into bed in the evening I'm enjoying a some time to be creative again. Starting night shift means I have the day to myself ;) And last night....after a little power nap I got my pens and pencils out.
There were a few challenges to do and you know me,lol...I always have some sort of project going.First of all I decorated that "LOVE" wall hanger I found at the £/$ Store a while ago with some tape and deco corners and a cute little angel in the middle. It fits perfectly into my bedroom. Oh,lol... my bedroom had quite a few changes since it was wine red and black . From Goth style to shabby chic and pastel colors.
I had a new bed , carpet and Thursday a new wardrobe will be delivered . I take some pics when it's built up and all done. This hanger will be perfect to hang some of my longer necklaces , which keep getting tangled up inside my jewelery box.
I did upcycle an old cork pinwall a while ago as well.
All it is, a fat quarter of fabric , a bit of ribbon and lace and secured with hot glue. From old and shabby to chic ;)
I also gave my old fan a make over, took it apart , gave it all a good clean and spray painted it with Chrome spay paint ...looking like new again. Summer can come !

Last night I relaxed with one of my coloring books "Sacred Symbols"
This one is called "Spheres" .
And it was time to catch up with a few more art challenges. A word art page in hippie style....
 Black and white drawing to brightly colored ;) And this morning the task was "Tulip" . For that I printed a dictionary description in type writer style and then drew the tulips and colored them with watercolor pencils.

Another Word art challenge was "Follow your bliss" . For this I drew clouds and a hot air balloon , colored the balloon with felt tips and the background got a pale blue watercolor wash .
Let me tell you , Word art in digital is easy ...try doing different fonts by hand !
Anyway....2 more shifts to work before I'm off a few again. So I better get my ass away from the desk , turn the music on and get some housework done !!!
No sign of the cleaning fairies, so I better get started myself,lol. Leaving you with the new song from Sixx AM -Rise. I love the lyrics from this song .
See ya ;)


smiekeltje said...

You didn;t change hey? always trying to get new life into old things and you do it so well!!
I am curious to see your new bedroom.
We are staying in today, there is a stormy wind blowing, and no fun to be outside.
This will last till the evening, then will settle down and by tomorrow it should be much more quiet.
Have a lovely day.

Edna B said...

I love your "re-do" crafts. Your color pages are wonderful. I just a new set of pens to try with my coloring book. Next, I'll get me a set of markers to try. It's very relaxing.

Spring is finally setting in here. Although I must say we are getting a fair share of rainy days. But the plants seem to love it so I'm not complaining.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be sunny and warmer and Pogo and I will get out for a while.

Enjoy your time off, and have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.