Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Too long again....

...since I was on here. What happened to the plan of doing the kit and posting after last time? Well, my keyboard didn't work,lol. I couldn't type. So I had to get a new one on my laptop. Then overtime at work , a colleague long term sick and not much time.

With the New Year one of my resolutions was to spend less time online and rather do other productive things.
And I have the coloring bug ! So much that I take part in an Art and Lettering class , creating my own pictures hand. Old fashioned with pencils , ink , markers, watercolors and brush pens. On paper ...not digital,lol

Although I have recently combined both on occasion.

And this is another learning curve.
Christmas was spent in Germany with family and my suitcase was double the weight coming back with all the goodies I got .
After having the new sofas my old black desk chair looked really out of place in my front room office corner with cat scratches on the leather material. But you know me,lol. E bay sold the same fabric my sofa is, so with help of a nail gun and approx $10.00 of fabric  I now have a brand new looking comfy chair to sit on again. DIY Snowy ;)
And of course it's planting season , my little seeds are happily growing.

Here are some of my  other art projects Coloring book style !

And water color. This is my favorite in the moment. I saw one like it on Google and had to draw and paint it myself.

Apart from that the decorating bug has hit and my son's room needed an overhaul and it's Spring cleaning time as well...but more next time , the house work won't do itself. I leave you with a video of total eye and ear candy ... the sexiest Guitarist alive,lol.
Laters ...hugs Snow :)

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smiekeltje said...

Good to hear you are all okay and having a new creative bug LOL!
Lots has been going on here, may be slowly we are coming into more tranquil waters again, I really do hope so.
Most important is feeling okay again, speaking of health.
Then all other things don;t seem too bad either, you know?
I am happy Spring is on its way again, later this week temps will go up, we have standing around a lot of seedlings to be planted later, so crossing fingers soon we can spend time outside again.
You take care of yourself, girl and have fun !