Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finding memories

A good deep spring cleaning can bring many surprises,lol. As I was going through all the corners and one of the sideboards I found a box which had been pushed right into the back. When I pulled it out and opened it I was surprised to see it contained at least 150 discs which I had burned over the years.
I forgot there was a second box ! I found the other last year and went through it , but this one seemed to date back even further... I found some which contained stuff from 2006 .
It will take me a while to work my way through them all , but I have found some with old commercial use stuff on , and a few with pictures ....and have been smiling about the memories. Maybe...just maybe some of the missing kits and other stuff which degraded and wouldn't open on the other discs will be in this box. I know I often burned things twice because I sometimes didn't remember I had already done can hope,lol.
Another matter is my old Vista desktop PC ....I have not started it up for something like 3 years , I think. And this is the problem. Too long and I forgot the password ! That damn PC is password protected ! Who came up with that rubbish idea,lol? How am I supposed to get in there now? I know there is still pictures and a lot of other stuff on there. Google was helpful telling me I need the installation disc to get in there and be able to reset the password. But where is the damn disc ?Ughhh....headache,lol. I finally find old program discs and yes...Vista as well. But there are two Vista discs. Yeah, I used to have a Vista laptop as well, back then. So which one is the laptop version and which the desktop?
I'm on strike ... fuck it, that can wait for another day ,lmao. Yes, I'm laughing. You got to see these kind of things with humor or you go nuts.

So last night I decided to relax with a bit of play time. The lettering class has caused a font mania. Calligraphy, handwriting and other art fonts I copy in handwriting for practice. I love
They offer a monthly font bundle including lovely watercolor graphics. So I had to have a play after getting the March bundle. Some of the graphics have been in my folders for a couple of months, so last night I finally took the time to do something with them.
I'm my own worst critic! If something doesn't turn out the way I want I will not show it , but I think this didn't go too bad. Considering I have not been designing for a while I'm quite happy with the result so far. What do you think? It's mainly watercolor style in soft spring colors.
Watercolor is definitely a favorite in the moment . I love mixing and blending the colors. Here is a picture I made for the art challenge , theme was "Watercolor rainbow" and the words "Be kind to yourself"
And when you can do digital and by hand, why not combine the two to create something nice? I made the background in digital , printed it and applied the writing by hand. I have actually framed this because I liked it so much .
I'm sharing this printable with you today. I faded the writing , so grab a brush or pen and go over the lines. Go on , give it a try,lol.
Download here

And because I'm in giving mood , here is a printable coloring page I made as well ;)  The writing is faded again, so you can go over with your own pens and pick a color you like.
That's all for now again , I bought a darling of a little drawer cabinet today and still have to screw on the drawer knobs and then find a space for it . Have a great relaxing evening .
Hugs Snowy

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