Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Halloween freebies ...

Hi :)
Yup, I'm on rota break again and enjoying my days off work.
And being creative ! I bought a few new goodies which just had to be tried out. It's so much fun to experiment !
 Like the new Watercolor pencils used for Lisa Parker's Spellbound Coloring book: "Solstice"
Christmas cards to color ...
Decoupage ...
...and experimenting with Tombow's Blending palette and colorless blender.
Inspired by the little things in life coffee ;)

And then there is the ever surprising external drive which makes me find things I forgot I have ....
...where I find these cute papers for you to download
...and these spooky signposts I quickly uploaded for you.
Hope you enjoy :)

And I will have another dig and see what I can give you next post.It won't be Halloween stuff,lol.... that time will be over till next year . But I'm sure I will find something good :)
I'm off because I have set myself the task of sorting out my craft boxes and sideboard/shelves full of all sorts of art and craft materials. I'm sure that will take me a few hours,lol
I'm aiming to find the Christmas /winter decorations so I can finish off the decoupaged sleigh and cone tree. And I need my hot glue gun which has gone missing in one of the boxes .... not to forget I need another cup of coffee to gather the energy for this task. I leave you with a couple of fall images I took on ride out and about.
First signs of autumn ...starting at one branch on this tree.
Splash of red among the green .... rose hips are ready :)
Till next post
Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

Love the photos of signs of Autumn. Pretty soon my big tree out front will be totally golden yellow. There's signs of yellow every here and there all over the tree.

The weather here has been cooling quite a bit too. That part I'm not so crazy about. So far, though, the coldest temps have only been during the night so I can handle that.

Your art is progressing. I love your bunny. Have fun on your days off, hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

Practice and do more will make you better in coloring and drawing. Oh, I am sure it will take time to sort out the shelves and boxes LOL!
Doesn;t look so good today, the weather, but good enough I think to have a quick tour to the market See if there are cheap and sweet enough mandarines and I could do with a bit more of cheese.
Have a fantastic weekend and time off of work.