Thursday, November 03, 2016

Winter is coming ....

It definitely is !
Hi  all ,
it has turned rather chilly here over night. We're down to 3/4 degrees Celsius ( that's roughly 36/38 F).
My heating has been turned up , my winter woollies and warm coats are out , and my fleece PJs ,thick socks and boots in use now :)
And I'm lovin' it ! There's something cozy about layering up, hot tea and hot chocolate, candle light , warm blankets etc coming home to warm up, the wind howling around the house , scattering leaves and short days.
I'll probably be complaining about the weather come January but right now I'm still liking it ,lol.

I'm getting ready for my last nightshift and then a few days off again , but I'm early , so I thought I might as well be efficient and do my blog post while I'm sitting here.
First : I finally made an Instagram account . Even though I wanted to cut down on Social media, I discovered that Instagram is perfect for Inspiration and learning , following my favorite and fellow Lettering /Design/Painting artists and connecting with other like minded peeps. Unlike Faceboook it's more about the images , no drama , political crap etc as I'm keeping it purely for all kind of arts and crafts.If you got Instagram and want to follow
I have also started to update my blog list of people I follow. Check it out in the side bar , there are some amazing creative people ! 

November challenges have started !
Enjoying to design a picture , first in black and white , and then coloring it in.....

Watercolor cat
Inspired by Guy Fawkes
...and early morning lettering /doodle practice while warming up after coming home .

Plus searching for freebies,lol
I have 2 for you today.
The first is a mini kit which I already had as freebie years ago. But if you missed it , here it is again in time for Bonfire Night .
Remember , remember ...the 5th of November ....Gunfire , treason and plot

And the first part of a new freebie kit , an ex store kit " Eleganzia 2011" part of the Eleganzia series I used to do ( maybe I will make more new parts for Eleganzia this winter ...let's see,lol)

The first zip with Backgrounds here

...and there will be 4 more downloads to come over the next 2 posts from this kit.

For now "Ciao" till next time . I have to go and do this work thing and make my millions ;)
Stay creative! 
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

It is getting "chilly"and I don;t like it all too much.Think I just don;t mind it being colder so much, it is more the rain and sometimes hard wind that I dislike.
But we will survive and hopefully Spring will come early LOL!
Will have to think about a little freebie fr the World Wide Christmas train, just got a message about it.
You stay busy and creative and get better and better in it!!

Edna B said...

Snowy, your watercolor cat is lovely!! You might want to put all your watercolor paintings in a book. You're getting very good at this. As for the weather, I love the Autumn but the cooler temps moving in are not my cup of tea. I'm hoping for a short, mild winter. (I know, I'm dreaming!!)

Here's to an early Spring! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.