Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas freebie starts

Damn.... I just noticed 10 days have already passed since I posted last. Double damn , how the time flies when you're busy ,lol.
I normally wanted to be back within a week , but always something else came up that I had to do .

Hope all of you who celebrated across the ocean had a nice Thanksgiving and peaceful Black Friday. I didn't venture out to the shops at all that day , but did plenty of online browsing.
As a result I ended up with a half price Soundbar and subwoofer, and a new cooker to be delivered in about 2 weeks.
The Soundbar already arrived today and I had fun trying it out. "Chuckles" I will never be able to turn up the volume and bass fully ,unless I want the guy in the flat underneath to fall out of bed from the vibration ;)
I also put up the Christmas tree. I decided to downsize this year. Instead of the 6 feet green tree we had for years I went and got a little 4 feet white tree. Space saving , no need to move any furnture out the way and looks utterly cute ! And it fits on top of the corner unit in my living room.
I'll be working over Christmas , so this is perfect ;)

As usual I have been lettering and drawing by taking part in Dawn Nicole's challenges.
This one was the prompt "Rainclouds"
For this I tried out the new metallic STA brushpens I ordered for under $8.00 from Ebay. You can't really see the metallic sheen in the picture , but I'm very happy with this set of metallic pens.

Prompt lettering "Don't be afraid to be great"
And another prompt for lettering "Grateful" , also done with STA Metallic Brush pens
And Challenge Watercolor Cornucopia

But now to the freebie kit. It's called Christmas Dreams and is also an ex Store kit.
All together there will be 6 zip folders over the next weeks.
And the first two today. It truly is a beautiful kit. One of my favorites I designed over the years.

Here a qp I quickly put together for a little detail. I used a white drop shadow on this, but you obviously get the kit without.
I will give you Zip 1 Backgrounds

and zip 4 , some elements

I leave you with a pic of these stunning autumn colors I encountered on one of my bike trips. Till next time , stay creative ;)


smiekeltje said...

Yeah, time goes quick.
Your little Christmas tree is real cute!
I will start next week decorating, pffff
Oh, it is just a bit hard to start, but then it will go okay. And I have Jan to help.
Wonderful colors of autumn in those trees/bushes.
when it will get a bit "warmer"later this week, I just have to dig up my dahlia bulbs and put them away for next year.
Still having lots of parakeets around, including my Japie(still looking very poor) and other little birds They eat a lot of food, those birds!
But it gives back a lot of pleasure too
Okay, blog hopping time now
Have a fantastic week!

Lana said...

Thank you!

Edna B said...

I think your little tree is beautiful. Mine is little too except that it is green. I love your cornucopia. You did a great job on it.

Your foliage is looking good. Our trees are getting more and more bare each day. It's time to start counting the days till Spring. haha.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.