Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sickness sucks ! But have new freebie

Hi all,
first of all apologies for being late posting . The plan was to post before Valentines day but I had a lot of germs and a virus attack me and ended up rather sick. So far it's been 5 days with fever on and off , no energy and coughing fits so hard that whole rib cage hurts.
I spent most of these days in bed , and didn't even have the energy to do much. 
It sucks !
I don't do sick often ...but when I do , I do it in style,lol
Even though I have been bored just resting I didn't have any inspiration to do painting, lettering or much else.
I didn't even sit on my desk these days and only switched on the laptop a short while to check e-mails and then back to the bed or couch. So not much to show this time. I did make some rose scented heart soaps just before I got sick .

And some new books for education ...
I'll give you the first parts of a colorful kit today , called "Rapture"
I had lots of fun playing with those little devils horns when I made it ;)

Here the first links

Have fun, stay creative and hopefully I'll be back to my old energetic self by next post .

Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

So sorry to hear that you have been sick. It's not the nices way to spend some days off. Here's hoping you're back to feeling normal really soon. We have lots of germs flying around here and I'm doing my best to avoid all of them.

Your soaps look wonderful. I'll bet they smell awesome. Maybe after Spring gets here, I'll get back to making a few soaps and creams. I used to do this and I loved it.

You kit looks lovely, thank you. Now I must get busy here. Lots to do. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

Lana said...

Get well and thank you!