Thursday, February 23, 2017

The next parts ...

Hi all,
back with the next parts of the kit .
I'm finally off work again for a few , still coughing but I'm working on getting rid of that bug for good !
Today our new Lidl store opened after being closed for 8 months to build a bigger store. It's my favorite Grocery store , so I had to visit and look what they had done. Glad to have it back and being able to buy some German goodies again here in UK.
On my way out a shop assistant handed me a lovely bunch of flowers with the words " Thank you for shopping at our new store" .What a nice surprise :)
 Aren't they gorgeous?

Valentines Day I treated myself...because I love me :)
Obviously I went for art and craft supplies. I got some air drying clay and vases to paint . I'm only just starting ....
...but I will post a pic to show how it turns out.
I have so much lettering homework to catch up on after being sick and work. But I'll get there ! Instead of one letter per day it's two instead. I need to catch up by 5th of March , because that's when the new work book is released and we'll start on the Capitals.
In the meantime Sam is enjoying boxes from my ordered goodies. His ass just about fit into this one ;)
What is it with cats and boxes?
Anyway.... time for links
More papers

and elements once this sneezing fit stops..." hatchou!"

 I'm still carrying on with the decluttering , by the way ...tomorrow will be the Tupperware corner and pots and pans. Working my way through one bit at time :)
I managed to wash curtains and windows downstairs last week and it's looking so much brighter now :)
And I'm waiting for a sunny day to tidy up my little garden corner.
For now until next post though ... I have another layer on that vase to paint :)
Stay creative , peeps
Hugs Snowy 


Lana said...

Thank you. Hope you are feeling better.

Edna B said...

Sorry you're not feeling so good. I do hope you get well quickly. There seems to be a nasty strain of a flu going around. So far, I've been lucky to escape it.

Your tulips are gorgeous. That was so nice of the store to hand them out. Such a lovely surprise. I think Sam looks beautiful in the box. And yes, cats seem to love small spaces. Just like Pogo loves fuzzy blankets.

That vase is going to be really lovely. Can't wait to see a photo of it finished. It's four in the morning, and I can't sleep. I woke up a couple hours ago so I thought I may as well use this time wisely. There's still so much to do before Pogo and I leave tomorrow morning.

Snowy, take care and get well soon. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

Sorry to hear you were sick and still not feeling all too well. Sickness sucks, I know!!!
Glad my backpain is over and also stomach isuues done with, so really hope have had the sickness for the whole year to come, would be nice!
Take it easy, first get well and then carry on with the spring cleaning.
I fear that the coming weeks I will have to do some of it too, although I don;t yet have a lot of energy. But next month, if all goes well, my niecde of france will come to visit us for a few days.
She always stayed loyal to me and I love her for that.
Get well quickly sweetie.