Sunday, July 23, 2017

The last 2 parts again

Oh damn, this week has gone by so fast ! And we're already onto the last 2 parts of the kit. But as I said last week...the next one is already lined up ,lol.....
This time we're going Disco :)
I'm too old for that ow and rather enjoy a good concert , but before I settled down, got married and had a kid I was out partying and dancing every weekend.Wild times,lol.... and I can certainly look back and can say I had a whole lot of fun !
So this will be starting next weekend.
Want another sneak preview?
These are some of the backgrounds.
I should get some of my concert pics out ...this kit is great for those as well.

The garden has kept me busy . I planted some new lavender plants , more seeds (lettuce, spring onions, radishes) to keep the supply going. And because it was so hot a lot of watering had to be done. Luckily we had some rain the past couple of days and the temperature has gone down a little.
Instead of painting and crafting I hit the sales and found some nice bargains. Also a new TV unit which will be delivered tomorrow. That means getting out those tools and building it up.
I went for light pine wood I don't like dark furniture much.
If this looks as good as on the picture I might consider getting the coffee table and book shelf from this range as well.
We'll see.....
OK, enough...let's get to the downloads for today.
These last 2 parts contain backgrounds (folded) and quite large overlays (png files) . The glitter curtain is my favorite. It adds a great touch to any background.
Thats the one I'm talking about.
So now the links

Hope you enjoy this kit as much as I had fun to make it back in the days,lol.
Come autumn /winter I hope to make some more kits. But for now I rather spend time outside in the sun. And of course I have my Skillshare lessons to.
Till next weekend and the start of the new kit
Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

Your new kit looks very interesting. It sounds like your garden is doing great. I'm hoping to plant more next spring. I love your new TV console. Enjoy it. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.