Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The next parts of Beyond Dreams

Hi all,
sorry ,I'm late posting again. Work life got in the way again . And then Game of Thrones.... I got up early just to watch it , then was mega tired yesterday. Self inflicted ! I fell asleep about 7 pm , but now after nearly 11 hours of sleep I feel grrrrrreat,lol :)
Guess I needed it .
I also had a break from art classes and the laptop full stop. I spent more time out and about outside , so there isn't much to show. I only did one piece to try out the new Ecoline colors I got.
Weather is hot and sunny , and I wish I had a bigger freezer to cool down in sometimes ;)
Temperatures didn't use to bother me a few years back. I was quite comfortable in 100 plus degrees in NC. That was before menopause. Now my comfort temperature is between 65 and 70 . We don't have A/C , so the fans are running almost non stop. And even the cat enjoys the wind they create ! That must mean something, because he used to hate the fans and made sure he stayed out of their way. Unless a male cat of 18 years can get hot flushes as well ?
So ...short post today and I give you the links.

and elements

Next post I will have a few more backgrounds (also a folded one), glitter overlay, glitter curtain  and deco corner overlay.And then we are on to another kit again. I already have one lined up :)

Till then , have a great week
Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

I'm with you on the heat. Can't take those wicked hot temps anymore. Especially when the air is also wicked sticky. I prefer the 70 - 78 degree range. We are having a mini heat wave till probably next Saturday. Thank goodness for the A/C. How is your garden holding up with the heat?

I think it's awesome that your cat is still with you. I'm hoping that Pogo lives a long time too. You have a super week. Hugs, Edna B.