Sunday, July 02, 2017

Wedding quickpages, 4th July freebie and I missed my own birthday,lol blog birthday , that is !
I just noticed that my blog was 10 years old in May. Totally missed that fact ! Holy crap, where has the time gone? I still remember my first attempts of scrapping and designing like it was yesterday. Then a year later a designer with her own website gave me the chance to sell my kits on her site. And another few years later I opened my own website Magical Scraps , and gave other designers the same opportunity.
That was all fine as long as my son was little and I only worked part time...but it ended when I started back full time and my website got hacked. There were just not enough hours in a day to keep up.
So back from business to freebie designing it was. I had to find kind of a balance between work and designing, plus all the other things in life... no stress.
I think I managed that quite well,lol... the proof is in the pudding. I'm still here ;)
And I have learned a lot in all these years. From Paint Shop Pro, to Photoshop, then Poser , a 3D graphic program, making my own resources digitally ....and now learning the basics on paper , gearing towards creating my own painted graphics and illustrations to convert them to vectors and png/jpg files, planning to write my own fonts eventually and learning to digitize my writing for the computer in digital. Yeah, I still have plans and lots of learning curves in front of me. In part time,lol.... unless I reach retirement age and have time to be in full time design&illustration again. ;)
I managed 10 what's another 20 , huh?

This week's homework was "flower studies" .
Taking photos of some roadside beauties to notice shapes of petals, layers, colors and shading. Because for any painting you have to look and notice these things.
White morning Glory
Pink Morning Glory
A field of flowers ...pretty ,huh?

But now to downloads...
You get one folder of backgrounds and 2 with Elements

Plus the Summer Wedding qps. I actually found 2 more on my drive. So that makes it six - 2 zips with 3 qps each

Lol, that lot should keep you busy downloading for a while :)
And yup, I have another freebie kit lined up to start for next week.
Till then :)
Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

I'm a little behind catching up on my blog reading. Gosh, it has been a few years since we started blogging. I'll be ten years come next January. Thanks for helping me get started on both blogging and designing.

Lately though, I mostly just make quick pages. I seem to enjoy making them much more than creating kits. Maybe because I'm old (er) now? The new creative paths that you have chosen are really fun and exciting.

Now I'm off to sit out on the porch for a bit before it gets too hot. You have an awesome day, hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

Congrats on your blog birthday OL.
I think I am blogging also about 10 years now.
Magical Scraps was a fun time, I can remember the chatting we did with the group, great times.
But it is also good to head a bit forward and try new things.
must say, you are really "steaming"forward and you still have lots of plans. But why not? As long as you have fun doing it you must do it.
Happy Sunday and week ahead.