Monday, January 15, 2018

The next parts of Frosty Mornings

hope you all had a lovely weekend . I, myself , just came home from work , at 11.20 pm . So  will make this a quick post and then get my beauty sleep :)
And I really don't have anything to show this week.
It's not that I have been lazy, but I concentrated my energy onto other areas the past week.
I did my "New Year's de-clutter" . So far I have managed 2 rooms. The kitchen and my bedroom ,including all clothing, have been done. I got rid of at least 1/4 of my wardrobe contents. I'm down another clothing size , so these too large tops and jeans had to go. Same as a few old sheets which just didn't look nice anymore and the elastic was practically gone.
Sorting through the kitchen I got rid of old baking trays and forms, and replaced them with some new ones I found in the sale.
It's not a quick job to get everything out of the cupboards , but it's satisfying in the end when everything is sorted and in order.
So no pictures of artwork this week, but straight to the freebie parts.

These are the last parts of this smaller kit....but here comes the preview of the next kit. We go from Frosty Mornings to Frosty Nights :)

Detailed previews in my next post .

Until then
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Congrats to be another size down in clothing!
and yes, decluttering can be very satisfying.
lately I did the stock-cupboard and oh my, all of a sudden I have lots of place in it again LOL. Got rid of many old packages of all kind of things, then I also re-organized it all a bit, so now it's looking nice again.
Hoping to do more of this stuff in a few weeks. First it has to be a bit nicer weather.
Take care sweetie,

Edna B said...

Goodness, you have so much energy. It's been really cold here, and I haven't had any heat most of the past week so I'm not really doing much of anything. I just finally got my heat back on this morning. Now I'm just waiting for the place to get toasty before I start working on a few things here.

Congrats on losing another size. Think Spring! You have a great week, hugs, Edna B.

Jerrie said...

Thank You for the lovely gift!!