Sunday, July 08, 2018

The next freebie parts

hope you're all having a lovely Sunday.
We are in our 3rd week without any rain here at the east coast of England and it's starting to show. The grass and even the weeds are drying out and are brown instead of green along the roads. We could really do with a couple of showers.
Watering my little garden is essential and the work is paying off. Where other plants are letting their heads hang down my babies are blooming.
I just spent the morning removing weeds , watering and planting some more.
Hydrangeas, sunflowers, lilies and lavender are loving the weather.
My tomatoes , beans , herbs and squashes are also coming along nicely.

Although with work and having to water regularly I didn't find much time painting this past week.
I'm still working on that knitted blanket and so far I have 44 squares done. Did I say it would be a year long project? Make that 2 years :)
The whole blanket will have 144 squares. Only 100 to go :)
But it will be worth it.

I did find time for another 2 Skillshare classes though.
 Seashell from Irina's class …
...and watercolor silhouette , also Irina's class.

It's really easy to do a silhouette painting. Just find the shape you like ( dog, cat, flowers , face ...whatever you like ) and transfer it onto watercolor paper. Color in the shape (use different shades of the same color) and when it's dry add some details. I used Dr ph Martin's white ink.

And here a video to teach about masking fluid. Another fun effect :)
These cute little paintings make great bookmarks to give as little gifts .

But now to the next  2 parts of the freebie kit.

The last 2 parts will be next weekend again. And if any of you know how to do a rain dance , a shower or two would be appreciated :)
Until then
Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

Oh my, your garden is looking so beautiful! You really do have a green thumb. Your new paintings are nice. I just need a few more hours (awake, of course) to get to all the fun things that I want to do. Seems like there's not as many hours in a day when we are retired as there were when we were working. Just saying. You have a wonderful week, hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

Your little garden looks wonderful. It doesn;t matter if you have a lot of space or just a mini-one, it shows when you give it love and care. Yeah, a little rainshower would be nice, but for now it doesn;t seem to come, although we have a cloudy day today and some lower temps.
I did my bit of housework for today(not too much, don't think I was overenthousiastic LOL), but enough for today so I may try to start with a new kit, then later prepare already for dinner and then this evening watch the belgian soccer team, hoping they will win!
Tomorrow England will be playing the semi-finals!
have a lovely week,