Sunday, October 07, 2018

Back with yet more Gordon's Kitchen

Hello again....
Time for another blog post ! And I have been busy ….
Apart from work I have managed to get a couple of started paintings done , still doing some gardening work , sorted out the warmer clothing and books , sold some clothing which is too big (I'm still loosing weight, no diet though...just healthy eating,moving more and a lot less junk ) , brought what isn't needed anymore to a second hand /charity shop, knitted more squares for my blanket and spent the rainy afternoon yesterday with a good book on the sofa ;) Gotta have time to chill with some cookies and hot chocolate as well …

Today I bought a new clear storage box for my sewing threads and sorted all the stuff I have. I found I definitely have enough safety pins and needles to last me for the rest of my life, I think.
And yes,I also have an old fashioned button box . This girl is old school :)

This is my ling room /creative corner when it's tidy....
….this is the current state though. Work in progress. It's so nice to finally have enough room to spread out .
This is one of the finished paintings from a Skillshare class with Irina. Can't you see I'm getting into Halloween mode ?
And do you remember the video tutorial with 3 easy landscape paintings I shared weeks ago? Well, I finally completed the second more to go. The last is a winter snow scene, so I think I will wait until it gets a little colder to get into the winter mood , before I have a go at that one. Let's stick to autumn for the time being :)

I really have to catch up on some blog reading. The last months ere so busy with all the renovating and decorating I barely had time to be on the computer. And I'm not a person who sits or walks around with her phone in hand all the time.

Anyway.... let me show a few more previews from Gordon's kitchen.
 Today we have food....
Kitchen charts for weight loss , if you're working on that , and one meal plan chart . Plus another zip file with frames , bows and ribbons for the kit.

And there's yet more to come ! I have 7 more parts to upload . Apart from 2 more general element parts there's still more food , kitchen items , templates, Gordon tubes and kitchen appliances. Gotta have a cooker , fridge , microwave etc in the kitchen, right?
So there you go, a little sneak preview of what's still coming .
I hope you're enjoying this mega kit so far :)

Time for me to finish this post now....I have a cup of hot chocolate , some cookies and a few more chapters of my book on my mind now, before bed time.

Until next post....
Stay creative.
Hugs Snowy



Edna B said...

I really like how your creative corner came out. And I love that Fall scene. The colors are gorgeous. That hot chocolate sounds yummy. I think I'll make me a cup of it to enjoy while I work on another crochet project. You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.

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