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Quickage number 3

Hello again , hope you are all having a lovely Saturday !
I was up quite early this morning and went into town . I am so glad I did ! Come this afternoon and the cold wind was picking up and I was glad to be finally home in the warmth again.I had to hop into the Crystal store and found another perfect little gift , as I now have another contact to add on my address list to send a card to. The present is that small it will fit in with the card - can't write to much or show never know who will read my blog.....
I treated myself to another one of the white angels I started to collect .I think it looks very cosy and nice in my bedroom.
Crystal collection constantly growing,lol...

...and that's not even all of them ! Anyway-I have qp number 3 ready for you on the freebie page. So for now I'm wishing you all a nice evening, afternoon or morning -wherever you are and the last of the story about the White Buffalo.
Hugs Snowy

Joseph Chasing Horse
For Native Americans it was the fulfillment of their legends, as significant as the Second Coming of Christ

“In the legends of Native Americans, the birth of a white buffalo calf is an omen of universal significance. The Cheyenne, Sioux, and other Plains tribes believe that a White Buffalo Calf Woman once brought a sacred peace pipe to the world. Her return, they say, would signal a time of unity and goodness among people of all nations and colors.

The odds are against it. At their peak, the American bison, or buffalo, numbered about 80 million, and the chances of a white, nonalbino, buffalo being born were about one in 10 million. Today, there are only about 130,000 buffalo.

Still, on August 20, 1994 a white buffalo calf was born on a farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. For Native Americans it was the fulfillment of their legends, as significant as the Second Coming of Christ.
Their legends also say the buffalo would change color four times in its lifetime. By the time it was a year old, the buffalo calf, named Miracle, had already changed once.
Floyd Hand, a Sioux medicine man from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, said the birth would affect all human beings, not just Native Americans. "It's an omen that's bringing a change and a new world. The twenty-first century that is coming is going to unify all of us.”
As the Rains of Revelation fell in 1994 and began nourishing the Sahasrara, other spiritual seeds were sprouting on Mother Earth. Against overwhelming odds a white buffalo was born in Wisconsin, USA. To the native Americans this was a Divine Sign that would bring about the spiritual healing of this planet and all its inhabitants. The birth of the White Buffalo is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy that ushers the Dawn of Enlightenment to all spiritual seekers of Earth. These deep esoteric Truths are far beyond the reach of religious masses whose spiritual senses — still underdeveloped by centuries of falsehood, dogma and delusion — will not be unable to feel Mother Earth being charged with Spiritual Energy of the Great Spirit. These subtle Sure Signs are for the New Age seekers who aspire to be one with humankind, and then with the Universe, and finally, with the Creator.

Note: On March 31, 1995 SY François Gibeau (New Jersey, USA) and Partap Gulati (Toronto, Canada) were at Kash’s home. The topic eventually came to the White Buffalo. François told that the birth of the White Buffalo was a scheme by some smart ranchers to make money out of a revered North American Indian prophecy. He had found out that the White Buffalo had changed color, and lacking knowledge, suspected that some sort of ‘biological dye’ had injected into the sperm and then artificially inseminated.

Kash’s father completely disagreed: such bioengineering feats were not yet feasible. Moreover, who would undertake such an extremely expensive, secret research just to reap a small financial benefit from producing a white buffalo. But François was not moved by any logic and insisted that it was a fraud.
Kash’s father, who had seen news coverage of the Native Americans and their White Buffalo, knew that they were telling the Truth. As far as he was concerned Native Americans were probably the most spiritual among humans and had the means of ascertaining Truth. If they had declared that the White Buffalo was born then it was the Truth.
François refused to budge and Partap could not make up his mind. They both checked their vibrations but got mixed readings. The only way was to check with the Great Spirit. Kash was told about the whole argument and asked to verify with Shri Mataji in his Sahasrara.
Kash came back after meditation and told that Shri Mataji told him that it was not proper to argue whether the legend of the White Buffalo was true or not. She did not tell Kash who was right, perhaps out of respect and not to hurt any feelings, and this question was never put forward again. (However, if the legend of the White Buffalo was not true then Shri Mataji would have said so at a later date as She had done on a few occasions. Since the Great Spirit did not do so then this sacred White Buffalo prophecy of the noble North American natives is the Truth.)

Note: Some historians claim that Lord Jesus Christ was born around 6 BC. if that is true then the birth of Miracle 1994 marks exactly two millenniums since His birth. It is as if the Great Spirit wishes to bring hope and harmony to all nations and people of many tongues by giving them a common vision of the Eternal Oneness.
"The message is simple. The people should be of one heart, one mind, one people. Peace, love and harmony. It is time to educate the world," Hand said, raising up his cane to make the point.
"I'm 55-years-old and I've been lucky. It's been the dream of our people for 500 years (to see the white calf return. In 1954 my grandfather said I would live to see (the calf) and see a change in the world. We've been praying for her return,'' he said.
Swinging his arm around the field, Hand pointed to other elders who had journeyed from around the United States and to attend the ceremony.

"If we keep desecrating Mother Earth, there's going to be nothing left. This is like the Second Coming to us!'' he shouted.
Hand said at the present time there is an anti-Christ movement throughout the world, evident by rampant alcoholism, drug abuse and murder.
"The values of man have been lost through contemporary life. We are losing our respect, our dignity and self-worth,'' he said."
Neal White, Beloit Daily News (September 13, 1994)

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