Monday, July 09, 2012

Back in the UK

Hi all,
returning and arriving in London this morning was a temperature shock...brrrrr...I was actually cold after the super hot days in NC. And I really, really hate saying good bye ! Yup, I admit I had a lump in my throat and could barely keep the tears back when I saw Reggie walking away at the Airport. I know I will be there again in December and will talk and see him on Skype, but it's not quite the same after going to sleep and waking up with him for a couple of weeks ..."sigh" ...but there are things we both have to get done.So it's back to counting the weeks until the next visit.
Kyra and Edna- he laughs and smiles all the time, just when the camera comes out he puts this serious face on,lol.... but I have made it my mission to catch him out eventually ! And he knows it ! Here is another failed attempt from the way to the Airport.
Return...hmmm..yeah....doing the dishes is definitely NOT Shaun's favourite thing.... the kitchen was full of dirty things and the cupboards and drawers empty !
My plants are another thing...a few of them look dried out....I just watered them and will see if there is still any life in them.... but it's not too bad , most are still okay,lol. ...I wonder what he used to do the laundry with.... I have the suspicion he used the Calgon tabs (only).... the washing he did does not smell or look as if it had a good clean ....????
lol, will have to ask him when he comes back.
So have a guess what I will be doing tomorrow? Yup, it's cleaning day !
But I already did the dishes and a machine of laundry has just finished. You know me.... I get things done while I'm motivated , and I needed at least a clean knife and cup for coffee and to make a sandwich.But for now it's chilling out, having a bath and then catching up with Reggie on Skype a little later, the rest can wait till tomorrow. I have quite a few projects planned for the next weeks and need to be scarpped, some printed to go into some new frames on my wall. I need to get busy with Reggies birthday present,2 more Dreamcatchers to be made and Christmas presents will have to be planned and made least all that and work should take my mind off things... but I'm missing him already. Anyway.... more soon ....for now the bubbles are waiting -hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Welcome home LOL! When you have a good time in good company, it is always hard to leave them. But you have the knowledge you'll see him again en of this year.
Oh my God! Shaun definately has to learn to run a household. He could have done the dishes and such before you came home again. Lazy boy!!!! rofl.
Well. as you said, you will have to do enouh to keep you distracted.
Are you still off work rest of this week?
By the way: good mission, trying to get a smile from Reggie on a picture, grin!

Edna B said...

I would imagine that the temperature was a bit of a shock when you got home. However, this week, the Carolinas and the rest of us are getting a break in the high temps.

You know, your Reggie probably has a really beautiful smile, so yes, you need to work on him a bit.

Will be looking forward to seeing more of your photos. Have a great night, hugs, Edna B.