Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working on new kit...

...and it's turning out rather dark and Gothic. Morning peeps.... thought I check in before I head to bed for my beauty sleep.
Just read the messages left on my last post and Edna writes:" Just catching up on your blog. You've been busy! I love your wall decor and will check out that printable site. You'll like the winter weather when you come back to the states. It's not as wintery in the Carolinas as it is up here. Now I'm off to get a bit of work done here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B."
That site is fantastic if you are into other paper crafts. There are quite a few projects I want to try , but first I have other priorities.
My Libra man's birthday is in September , so I have to get Reggie's present ready until then... and it's something which takes a while to complete. Obviously cannot show it before , he has this blog address and could pop in any time to see what I am up to,lol. Plus I have two more dreamcatchers to make and want to create an album with the pics I made ...the traditional way-not just digital !
Oh ,I have been told they can get quite a bit of snow as well in NC .... I actually hope there will be some. Reggie told me it looks absolutely magical by the river when everything is white and covered in snow. I would love to see that. Although he prefers warmer weather,lol... being from Texas and cold weather affects his old bones ( ughhh...good job he can't slap me for that,lol)
Last night was the start of a Dart season with a new team, so I'm itching to hear tonight how it went.
Yesterday was "Spoil Shaun Day". After being spoiled myself with so much yummie food across there by Reggie ,I searched the Internet for Copycat Restaurant recipes and found many I want to try. So yesterday afternoon I made the first one. Cajun Chicken Pasta , but I added bacon to it , as we had it in the restaurant.
Shaun said it's "fucking lovely" ...hah, it was a winner !
For afters I slaved more in the kitchen and baked brownies. Those,still warm, topped with Vanilla Ice cream, cream and chocolate sauce were yummie !
I think Shaun is now totally convinced that he will have to come on a visit with me.Plus he loves the t-shirt I bought him over there and is nosey about the store it came from...but more about that another time. 
New designs.... I had to stop myself from becoming too dark and Gothic , and added some lighter colours to it. Here a few qps and a layout.

Gosh, can't you see I'm all loved up? These designs were inspired by the photo taken in the Restaurant ....and by the red roses.This man is definitely the best thing that came into my life this year !

So yeah, the kit is coming together nicely. Let's see what else I come up with. But for now it's night shift recovery time. Good night ...
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

That chicken looks real yummie. Shaun is lucky to have you around!
I can imagine it must be wonderful at that river in winter time. Well-dressed for it, it could be a magical environment I guess.
And oh my, you are getting a bit "" softy romantic"ROFL! I am happy for you, it makes life so much more interesting.
Hope you had a nice sleeping time after your night shift. May be with some nice dreams?????