Friday, September 28, 2012

More Mabon parts

Hi all ,
back to give you the remaining parts of the "Happy Harvest" kit today.
So what has been going on here?
Tuesday was Reggie's birthday and he told me on Wednesday that all the packages I sent had arrived.So now I can actually show what I made. Instead of a common Birthday card I created a mini hybrid album with Pics of our time together. I showed this first pic as a teaser before , but now I can show the details.

 lol, I knew he wanted one of those Raiders caps, I just had to customise it a little bit ...

There was more , but I'm not showing all....just one more...
besides that, I made a book with layouts and journaling. It's too personal to show all the pages ...sorry, but some things have to stay private. 
 I'm just showing this so you can see what you can do with some layouts and a printer- an inexpensive very personal gift from the heart.You don't even need to send off for an order. The printed layouts are just glued to the blank pages of a bought mini scrapbook album.You could even use one of the baby/toddler books with thick cardboard pages which you get very cheap.They are perfect to use for making altered books.

I have the contract for starting to sell at the Scrap site and it looks fine. The only thing I'm thinking about now is the time to start. Is there any sense to start before the New Year? I will be away for 3 weeks over Christmas. Do I really have the time to start before? It's a commitment that I don't take lightly , so I want to make sure I can actually do what the contract says....
And I have my flight ticket ! It will be a hell of a journey. This time I have to leave with the 5.25 am GMT train to London , get a tube to Heathrow, catch the flight to Philadelphia and then change. It's not to Charlotte this time.....I'm flying to Greensboro because depending on what the weather is like it will be easier for Reggie to pick me up. Greensboro is only about an hour drive away from him.But I will be arriving around 19.30 pm work it out , -that's a lot of hours travelling !But well worth it...I would even go to the end of the world to spend time with him. Travel/Medical Insurance is sorted as well ...another thing checked of my "to do list".
I have been doing some more work on the latest kit and just need to create some more elements now. Here is another teaser page I page with it.
Maybe I will get it all finished tonight.
Anonymous left a comment that the Broncos link on the freebie page isn't working anymore-give it a try now, I put a new link up and it worked for me.
But now finally the Happy Harvest links you have been waiting for.Her ya go,lol.
More Autumn and Halloween freebies coming -till next post :)
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Thanks first for your hug, I needed that LOL.
Your album for Reggie looks so great. I bet he was pleased with it.
Gosh, you really will have loooong travel time to do. But on the other hand you don;t have to drive too long to Reggie's place. Better to have a longer travel, but the last bit as short as possible!
I cannot say if you should start right away for the site, depends on how much time you have to make some kits in advance. If you are in great doubt, perhaps it will be better to start right away next year. Then you still have about two months to already make some things that you can send there as soon as you're back from the US.
(By the way, when are you leaving and return??)
Have a great weekend, funny girl LOL

Edna B said...

Congratulaions on your new store. When you start is up to you, but if it were me, I would probably start now and get some holiday things up for sale. Then you would have some spending money waiting for you when you got home from the states. Your flight may be long, but if you sleep through half of it, and then read a book, you'll be there before you know it. I'm at work, so gotta go. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

PoetryPagan said...

These are great gifts,they're so pretty.=D
I think I have some ideas for Yule!