Sunday, December 02, 2012

Weekend freebie time again !

Good morning peeps ,
hope you are having a nice weekend. We had the first dusting of snow here last night ...ughh...not good,lol. I don't want snow yet. For the simple reason that I don't want to mess anything with my flight this month. It's only 18 days now until I fly across to spend time with Reggie again.
 And it's cold here....brrrr....Last Sunday I went to see the Coca Cola truck ....I have to say it looks more impressive on TV and with the lights on, than during the day time.

But I have been keeping busy as usual and designed more new stuff. Here two layouts from yet another new kit. The pics were taken by Reggie. The first is at the back of his house showing the Mountain Laurel in bloom beginning of the year.

The second one is showing a large chunk of quartz in his back garden. The ground there is full of it.

Lol, maybe I tell you about that dream which prompted this photo another time. Otherwise I have have been making more candles ...
...and this cat of mine has decided that the bookshelf is now his new place to rest.Since I brought more books to the Second hand market stall and there is more room he has obviously claimed the space.  He is there and snoring loudly as I write this,lol.
 Anyway.... here are the next and last two freebie parts of the Christmas around the World kit . Enjoy :)
....and I will be back with another new freebie next weekend ...till then ...
Hugs Snowy 


smiekeltje said...

Funny to see how cats change their "favourite"places from time to time!
Brodski is now on a chair at the dinner table, most of the time. Or he comes in the evening to the couch, jumps on to it and then installs himself on to me, but as high as possible, so that's very easy when I watch tv or doing some knitting LOL!
I think there was some snow here too, not yet in our part of the country, but it's coming near. I DON;T WANT IT!
Time to post my 2nd Christmas freebie,
Have a wonderful day

Edna B said...

Your creativity is looking good! I'll bet your excitement is growing now that it's almost time to travel. I hope the snow holds off until you are safely in the U.S.A.

Sorry to hear about your camera. It might just need a cleaning. You might want to have it checked before chucking it.

Now I'm off to make breakfast. YOu have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

eevee-lily said...

hi, I am new to your page, it is nice to meet someone else in UK
you have the same sort of interests as me : )
you are very creative