Thursday, December 13, 2012

...the next parts....

thought I pop in before I start my night shift and while dinner is cooking .... a little time to sit down for me before eating and having a pre night shift nap. So what have I been up to?
I thought I dye my hair before going across and our Christmas get-together from work tomorrow evening. But damn !They didn't have my colour. I usually take "Bittersweet chocolate" .It's not quite as harsh as full black. But no worries , the colour called "Midnight Red " looked very nice , black with a red shimmer in the light...... yeah the colour is nice , but my bathroom looked as if somebody had been murdered in it. That dye looks so spookily like old blood when washing the colour out. It would make a great Halloween joke to leave it in the sink or bath when you have guests ....together with some knives and a bone saw ....
My new camera has arrived and I'm slowly getting used to it ....a case of "what does that button do?" Kyra, I used to have the Easy share , that's the one that lasted 8 years and has served me so well. But this little baby is quite good as well. It takes really good close ups as I found out when I practised a little bit.This is not even enhanced in Photoshop ,straight from the camera.

 Then the cats had to be the targets.
Apart from that I designed more. I have a problem, you know?? I'm running out of names for the kits I'm making,lol. -Here is some more new stuff.Of cause these quickpages are personalised with quotes for my use ,lol.

All my travel documents are ready , a taxi to bring me and my suitcase to the train station is booked ...all I need to do now is pack and leave. Today next week I will be in the air -whooohoooo !!!! :)
Tonight is my very last shift for this year, so from tomorrow morning on I will be off ...a wonderful feeling. That means I have plenty of time to sort everything out here , stock up before I leave and pack without stress -fantastic !Am I excited ? More impatient ,lol...I just want to get on that flight.
So I'm posting this week's freebie parts earlier , and next week I post the day before I leave.
Here are the next 2 parts for you.2 more to come next week then you have the full kit.
Yes, in case you wondered about the No,1 on the preview....there is a second Christmas Glory kit as well.I did two different full kits when I made these. You'll get that eventually as well.But I have another surprise for you next week before I leave .As I don't want to have to post links while I'm in NC I will give you another full kit next post ... just wait and see ,lol.
So until then ...hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Your camera seems to make great pictures! So take a lot when you're across the ocean and show them later! LOL.
It's wonderful you still have some days off before you have to leave, now you can do all necessary things without a too big rush!
Have some great days, take as much rest as you can, to be in full energy for your trip and holiday!

Edna B said...

The same from me. Rest up for the long flight. Take off day is almost here. Your new camera seems to take nice photos. No excuse not to bring back lots of fabulous photos. The weather's not bad this time of year in NC. It should seem more like at home for you.

I'm at work, and it's time to make the Mrs' lunch. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you so much, I hope you have a wonderful trip. Have lots of fun before you have to come back to work! Be Safe! Mat

Lianna said...

have a wonderful time with your love Reggie and hope all your dreams come true. Safe journey xx