Saturday, December 29, 2012

Signing in from North Carolina

Hi all,
hope you made it all through the Holidays and had a nice Christmas. Ours here in NC was a mellow time.... which I really needed !
For a start my connecting flight from Philadelphia to Greensboro was late several hours due to technical problems.It was around 10pm when I finally arrived at the Airport where Reggie had been waiting for me all that time.
Then next day it was a case of raiding Walmart for tissues and nose spray....typical my luck ! First day here and I felt yuckie coming down with a Sinus infection. So Reggie was feeding me extra Vit C and I spent a lot of time just sleeping and chilling out.
I cooked roast potatoes with garlic and rosemary to go with our huge piece of ham and veggies for Christmas day (still some left yesterday ,lol)
Breakfast (made by Reggie) in bed , I discovered I have a serious like for Moon Pies , hot dogs, Chili, Chocolate and cookies....I need to go on a diet in the New Year ! Oh yes, and we went to Cinema to watch the Hobbit and I had the biggest bucket of popcorn I have ever seen !
That's about it really, because we have not been out much and spent most of the time in the warmth.I have not even shot any photos yet.
But what I have done is started another new kit over here.

With not feeling 100% and staying inside we both spent some time on our computers, him playing computer games and me looking for some resources and starting up my program to be creative while lying on the bed , having snacks , meds and talking.
Feeling fine now , as soon as laundry is done we'll be heading out ...I want to go to Michael's to look for some craft bargains and tomorrow is football. Buffalo Chicken sounds perfect , so we need to hit the shop for some things.
I'm actually loving the time spent indoors here. We have time to talk , to watch movies while being cuddled up together ,to be silly and have a laugh just fooling about and getting to know each other even better.
And there's nothing nicer than waking up next to the man I love again.I feel at home here . Life is good !!!

For now we both wish you a Happy New Year , and I pop in again when I have something to show or tell. Until then -hugs from North Carolina  xx


smiekeltje said...

Terrible that the flight had so much hours delay! That's no fun at all. Glad you arrived safely though.
Your cold wasn;t the nicest thing too that could happen but it sounds you have overcome it LOL. Seems you have a wonderful time there, so happy for you!
You still have time to do some great things and see some wonders, enjoy those moments!
To you and Reggie: Happy New Year celebration!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Glad you had a great trip except for the delay to Greensboro, you probably got lucky with the weather and all the delays in air travel. Sorry about the sinus infection, but hopefully all under control now. Enjoy your time with your love and make lots of cherished memories! Happy New Year to you both as well! Catch you in 2013! Hugs!!