Monday, September 30, 2013

"yawn" ...more freebies again

Hi ,
good morning ....or rather afternoon.I got up not too long ago after my 3rd night shift. I think I definitely need another coffee to wake up fully,lol.
One more night and I'm off for a couple of days -hooray !!!
Despite work I had a nice weekend. Reggie never fails to amaze me.He kept me company through almost 8 hours during my 12 hour shift, and then was online and up when I came home after finishing my shift to Skype with me before I went to sleep. :)

I always forgot to show you something. Are you bored with always having a photo in a normal frame? I found darling little trays on my visit to Germany , which have a cut out and flap at the back to insert a picture.
I love this , it makes such a nice change from a normal frame and looks decorative as well.

I just feel in love with the look , the wood has a kind of chalky distressed finish to it. They do the matching trays in a larger size without the photo cutout.
I got inspired by this and wanted to try to achieve the same kind of effect for a cheap white plastic heart tray which I picked up at Applebee's really cheap on my last visit with Nita in NC.So I got busy with acrylic paints. I appied the base coat first, and then dry brushed it with a white paint, and also just smudged it a bit with my fingers. I'm happy with the result, it now catches the ash from my joss stick incense holder.
 Anyway..... here the new pieces for the kit again.
Copper border
Autumn flowers
Single flower
and the word "Fall Time"
...and with that I'm off again.Another coffee , get some housework done, get ready and to work again.
Till next post ~ hugs Snow :)

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smiekeltje said...

Do like the little tray as photoframe. Always liked that bi distressed , white wahsed look of some home decor accents. You know what is funny? I cannot find till now a not too biig mirror for the hallway!Well, there are some but not really ones I like, or if I like them I find them too expensive LOL.
Perhaps I should think of finding a very simple one and decorated it a bit myself. Hmm, nice idea for a next project.
Good your shifts are almost over and you will have a couple of days to yourself.
So sweet of Reggie to stand by you during a big part of your shift!
Have a good nap before your last shift and then spend some great days in "freedom".