Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Good morning from beautiful North Carolina

Hi all,
I've been here a little over a week now and finally taking the time to blog again.
The last week I have been really busy here with settling in, doing some late Spring cleaning and sewing.
I'm busy leaving my mark in this house and my project last week was to hand sew a new curtain for the back door, which leads out onto the deck from the kitchen. Currently I am working on a matching curtain for the kitchen window.
This is one I made for the wall in the Dining room.The heart with string was bought in a cheap shop in England and I just made it a little prettier with bow, piece of ribbon,heart and butterfly embellishments.

I'm slowly getting used to the new programs and have been experimenting a little. Although I don't think I will ever get back to only digi-scrapping/designing anymore. There are just too many other things in my life which I enjoy doing as well. So I have decided this blog will really also be a mixture of all kinds of things I do.... depending where the mood takes me it might be design, recipes, various art and craft things, pagan related stuff or simply a subject I find worth blogging about.

Currently my other half Reggie is at work. Yes, that's right.... he has no vacation while I am here this time.So it's more like "real life" and I enjoy taking care of the house while he's at work and having dinner ready when he comes home.I just like spoiling this man.
And as Reggie says " moving in a little bit more each time" you can see, I have taken over the second bathroom,lol
We are slowly replacing old appliances and other kitchen items.I bought an electric kettle, iron, Belgian waffle maker and when I arrived here I was surprised to see we had a new pot and pan set, new cutlery and dining set.
Eventually we will start to decorate this place, Walls and ceiling need a new touch of paint, same as the doors and skirting boards. New PVC in the kitchen and a new carpet in the bedrooms.
Yes, this is home ! Even though I don't live here 24/7 yet. I was greeted with "Welcome back home, baby" when I arrived , and it really feels like it.
I love this area , North Carolina is beautiful and I so enjoy our walks by the River Eno.
I'm slightly soaked there after Reggie splashed me with water, but I gave as good as I got :)

Anyway, I have 2 little freebies today. One is a leave overlay in gray scale

and the matching seamless texture

Excuse the plain look, I don't have my external drive with logos and labels here in NC.

Here is a layout I made with both. First I used the overlay on a green background , adjusted opacity until I was happy, and then I applied the texture to the background.

Have fun playing with it  :)
And I will start my work in here now and then chill outside on the deck later with my sewing.
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Hi there!

Oh, you're in your "second"home already! By the way you talk about it, I can tell, you love it there and you do fell "at home"Good for you girl!
You keep busy as always with crafting, it's something that just belongs to you, and you keep that going.
In a way pity that Reggie has to work, on the other hand also must feel good to have some time alone and do things in your tempo and way LOL!
Wishing you a lot more happy time there, greetings to Reggie and hug to you!