Saturday, November 12, 2016

Next freebie parts

Hi again,
Finally got the day to myself and time to post the next freebie parts.
I'll be starting nightshifts later so I have time to catch up with a few things during the day now.

Not much to tell and bad weather get in the way f having adventures,but at least I can get some challenges and coloring done in between ;)
For some reason challenges turned into a coffee theme this week.
I got a few new goodies and one of them was the white Posca Paintmarker., Of cause I had to try it out ! I love the effect of white on dark paper :)
The theme of this one was to draw a houndstooth pattern. I decided to use the pattern for a frame. Done with Tombow Brushpen and Sharpie Fineliner pen.
Lettering challenge "You are my most favorite..." .
Combination of gold paintmarker and black Tombow.
Did you know you can use Tombows as watercolor?
For this challenge I decided to try it out ...and I love the effect ! Blending is real easy.
And I decided to learn more about Zentangle art. There are so many patterns, it will take me ages to remember the names of them. But it's so relaxing ! This mandala took me about 3 hours to do. First rough sketching in pencil and then filling in patterns and coloring .
I was surprised how much time had passed when I looked at the clock ;)
Anyway , time for the freebie ! Here the next two parts
Part 2
and part 3

Two more parts to come in the next post (more than likely Thursday, before I start early shifts again) and then it will be time for a Christmas kit.
Stay creative and until then
Hugs Snowy


Lana said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you sharing your creations with us.

smiekeltje said...

Still busy as a bee or two LOL!
Love the mandala,and yes, I think time goes quick when you are busy with the coloring and so. About the same as I am wondering about the time designing at the computer
But may be I should start doing some coloring too. ave to start not too complicated, just first to see if it is really something for me
Hmmm, something to consider for next year may be
Well, I am busy at a new kit at the moment It is more a try-out for a bit different style Perhaps I will make more ot the kind, but it is rather time consuming.(perhaps onlty because i have to try out so much and restart again hahaha).
Have a great weekend, even if some of it is occupied by working time.

Edna B said...

Your watercolor is lovely, and you did a great job on the zentangle. This is something I haven't tried yet, maybe one of these days.

I'm still quite busy with crocheting. I keeps my hands working well. Once in a while, I do a bit of coloring just for something different. It's also quite relaxing.

Time for me to get busy here. Soon, I'll be leaving for an appointment. Poor Pogo will have to stay home alone for a bit. I do feel badly for him. He loves to go for rides in the car.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.