Thursday, November 17, 2016

And she's back with the next parts :)

are you all staying warm and cozy in this November weather? It's rather wet here , but so far the temperatures have not been too bad . If the weather forecast is right though we can expect a drop for the weekend.

Kyra , in answer to your comment about starting coloring and drawing with something easy, give Dawn Nicole a try.
She has free coloring pages to print on her site , an extra section which is members of her art class with a lot more stuff , and lettering as well. Come and join us in our Art and Lettering class on Facebook :)  Lots of friendly people with the same interests , even some scrapbookers as well. It's for beginners as well ...because you know ...practice makes perfect. All you need is paper , felt tips (I started with cheap Crayola Supertips,which you can get everywhere) pencil, rubber and ruler :)

Or if you like Zentangle and Mandalas  drawing there is "Mindful creativity with Tangles!
I just started there 10 days ago myself and it's really fun.You learn all the different patterns in this group.You are given a tangle each day and from those you create all kind of Zentangle and Mandala art. I made myself a work sheet where I draw my daily tangle on each day and will eventually end up with a huge library of patterns,lol.Still busy catching up on October tangles as well.

Talking of drawing , I just got post from Japan today. I ordered a set of metallic brushpens and they arrived perfectly in time to start on those Christmas doodles in December.
 But for now it's still other challenges, like this one.
The task was the sentence "Have some courage" lettering.
Another one today was to draw a City Skyline....
This is what I came up with
Challenge "Winter Mittens"

And another Mandala ....

 Anyway, I better get to the freebie parts now . Here are the last two zips.

I will be back next week with a new kit ...till then :)
Hugs Snowy


Lana said...

Thank you again so much!

smiekeltje said...

Gosh, you give me some advice, LOL! I didn;t say I would start it, I am just considering it, hey!!!!
ut thanks for the tips and the links, I will save them and will see what comes from it
At the moment I have no printe(well, not one that is working). I have another one(an HP) hanging around somewhere, no idea if that is still working. I am considering buying just a new one, not a really expensive one, but I saw some of Canon pixa models that look rather nice and are not really expensive.
Still will perhaps have to wait till next month or even January. I'll see.
For now I am trying out some other things in scrapbooking, (of which some are already deleted too again ROFL), but perhaps something of it will last and perhaps will be a new freebie.
Chatted long enough, till next time.
Stay safe and have a fantastic week!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the lovely kit and the views of your creative coloring...lovely job! I especially like the kitty cat! Have a wonderful weekend!

Edna B said...

I took a look at the first link. Very interesting. The water coloring looks fun. Hmmm, maybe something new for the Spring? My sister in law does the zentangle art and loves it!

Time for me to get busy now. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.