Sunday, May 28, 2017

And the next part ....

Hello again :)
Right on time today with posting the next mini kit of Celtic Magic.
I'm back to work and have just finished my shift at 3 pm, then rushed outside to water my plants and plant a few more seeds.
Now I need a cup of tea before I head into the kitchen to make some dinner. So I thought it's the perfect time while I sit down to post here.
I have had no time for any art work so far. Instead I spent time outdoors making the most of the lovely weather we currently have.
And my plants are thriving !
 The French Lavender, the pink Geranium and little Pansies are blooming ...
...the cabbage , herbs and all the others have grown...
Lettuce galore ...and in the crack in front an ant colony has now made their home. 
... potatoes , beans and broccoli at the back, tomatoes,  sweet peppers along the wall , also a mystery plant . I can't remember what I actually planted there,lol
And I just put some more seeds into the earth to grow.
I had to move the 2 other grow bags with potatoes because they were getting too large and bushy , stealing the light and space from the other plants.
We're supposed to have a storm coming tonight , I welcome some rain .It will save me having to water all this and more tomorrow.
I'm still not on the internet much .The gardening has taken over the free time I have in the moment . I really should get back into my art , but I can still do that when the weather turns bad again.

Right ! Enough of that now ...let me give you the freebie and then I head into the kitchen. My stomach starts to grumble ad says "feed me"

Today I give you the Air Element

Next week will be Spirit , and that's the last part of this kit
I already have another ex store kit lined up to give you. It will be a bit romantic, a bit vintage , a bit floral,a bit summer .... not saying anymore,lol
Till then
stay creative
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Your garden is flourishing!!!
and you are right to spend time outside when the weather is nice.
The art you can always do when bad weather returns(but let us hope that only a few mild rainshowers will help us out for the garden and that after it, great weather will be there again)
Here we have real nice weather, we could do with some rain. it is very dry at the moment.
Have much garden fun(most fun is the "mystery plant LOL)

Edna B said...

Your garden looks great! I don't do the veggies anymore because as soon as they start looking good, the critters come and eat them. Ah well, the flowers at least are nice to look at.

It's good that you have the nice weather to be outside a lot. Our nice weather seems to come in little spurts. Today is nice, but the sun keeps going behind clouds and threatens us with rain. Ah well, I suppose we need that too.

Now I'm off to find some fun mischief for Pogo and me to get into. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.