Sunday, June 04, 2017

Last parts of Celtic Magic

Good morning :)
It's a bright , warm and sunny day again here at the east coast of England. No, I don't wanna go into terror attacks here. Let's keep the blog positive. I have already said my piece and stated my opinion on Facebook this morning. That will do !
I have started Skillshare classes and it's so much fun!
I have started with the Watercolor basics course which goes into mixing colors, transparency,shading, texture and patterns. You start with working on patches for practice and then into actual paintings applying what was learned in the lessons.
We also learned that you can achieve a great texture effect with simple salt or bleach on watercolor.
The final painting (took me 2 days) applying what was learned.

Practice :highlights on leather
Practice: Bleach and salt effects on watercolor

I'm looking forward o the next course , it's been a lot of fun :)

Apart from that, the garden is never ending work. I have to get ready in a little while and get some more garden compost and soil to finish another planter and get more seeds in .
Not to forget watering the other plants so they can thrive.
I use egg shells the keep snails away. They do not like the texture , and a ring of crushed egg shells around cabbage will stop them attacking the plants.Plus it delivers nutrients like calcium into the earth.

A spray of water with a little epsom salt will make tomatoes,  peppers, cucumbers etc thrive. The calcium and magnesium from the salt helps them to grow.

Now to the last 2 parts -Celtic Magic Spirit

New kit next week if everything goes as planned. I will be changing my internet provider tomorrow and having fibre installed . Fibre is so much better , plus I won't have to pay for a telephone line anymore.
I will be able to pick the date when they come and install it , but as I'm changing to a different company I'm not sure whether I will be without internet for a few days in the switch over.
Whatever happens...I will be back as soon as I can .
So until then ...
Hugs Snowy :)


smiekeltje said...

Are you also becoming a watercolor artist LOL!
well, you seem to have lots of fun, and you best keep it that way. Good to avoid stress, or get rid of it, I guess.
Every few days, specially when it raines at nught, or when Jan has watered the garden, take a quick round through the garden to look for snailsII have the naked ones, yak).
I don;t have so much anymore, but they still seem to breed LOL. I know the plants where they like to hide into, so it is rather easy. I remove them, sometimes put them at the edge of my garden and the neighbours, and otherwise I just dispose of them. Yeah, not nice, but I like to keep my plants alive and the eggshells or other don;t always help good enough.
Hope the change of internet provider will go smoothly!
Have a good week,

Edna B said...

Your new artwork is lovely. You're very good at this Snowy. Your garden sounds really nice. My garden isn't doing as well this year. I don't get around the yard like I would like to. My grandson Kevin says he will be over soon to do a bit of work in the yard. Bless him.

I keep meaning to email you about FB. You can find me there as Franny Loud. Yesterday I found a cousin there that I haven't seen in seventy years. Wowsie!

You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.