Friday, May 05, 2017

The last and the new ...

as promised I'm back with the last part of Printemps and the first of the Celtic Magic kit you're getting a whopping 3 files to download today .:)
Edna to answer your comment , the Illustrator dream is very much for when I retire from my "normal" job. Currently I just wouldn't find the time for it. But I'm using this time to learn more. Practice makes perfect,huh?
I will be signing up to Skillshare next month. For a monthly or yearly fee you become a member and can take as many online classes as you want . Check out what classes they have to offer here
And yes, there is an Illustrator class there as well , apart from lots of different art , design and photography classes. But also business , freelance , marketing , music ....hell, the choice is just endless !

I had a couple of highlights this week. First I got featured for taking part in the watercolor challenge ...
...and then I got contacted by the Art /Craft /Book store where I buy a lot of my stuff to work with , asking whether they could share the picture of the pencil case I made with one of their kits.:)
I wouldn't mind becoming an Affiliate , working with and showcasing their art and craft kits ,lol.

I'm still trying to catch up on some challenges. But I have the first 3 days of the Sure Simple challenge done.
Day 1 :Watercolor (Ecoline) and lettering (Pentel touch sign pen in black)
Day 2: Fine Tec watercolor
Day 3 in doodle style with Tombow dual brush pens

And as quite often while out and about these lovely blossoms caught my eye and camera :)
I just couldn't walk past without taking a picture or two ...

Even though it's still very cool for the time of year, these sure are a sign of spring .

OK, downloads now...
The last part

and here comes the "New" ... Celtic Magic Fire ... an ex store kit , now for free
Part 1and 2

Next up we extinguish the Fire ...with Water
So until next week again :)
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

So your art is getting noticed! Wow.
Wouldn;t it be great to do some work for the arts and crafts store? May be in time you even can get some money out of it!
Well, something to think off, isn;t it?
The cherry blossoms are always beautiful, such a pity they last such short time. And yes, it is still too cold for the time of year. Let us hope summer will compensate us for it.
Is your garden doing okay?
Mine is slowly awakening, but still needs lots of color. May be next month all will go faster.
You have a lovely weekend,

Edna B said...

It's great that your art is being noticed. You've been doing awesome work. Snowy, those cherry trees are gorgeous. I have one in my yard that I planted a few years ago, and this is the first year that the whole tree is just loaded with blossoms. It is just gorgeous!!

Now I'm off to check out skillshare. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for the link. You have a super weekend, hugs, Edna B.