Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Last Summer Wedding parts

Hi all,
yeah, I'm a couple of days late posting. The weather was really hot and great here and there was lots to do in my garden. I sometimes even had to water the plants twice each day.
As much as I love this weather, but we really could do with some rain now ! On the other hand , if you water regularly , the plants are loving the sun and are thriving.
Then we were without Internet for a day, and the setting up of the new Fibre net., my daily fitness sessions and the weekend was working overtime.
We got a new TV yesterday and that needed programming and setting up. I have been that busy that I didn't even find time to do many lessons on Skillshare.
But a have a few to show at least.
Lettering on left over wallpaper.... makes great backgrounds :)
Loose watercolor painting with ink
Jazzing up a plain notebook with some lettering and doodles

I'm still stuck on the"Loose floral watercolors" class which teaches different techniques and also leaves and butterflies. I will make an hour time after this post to carry on with the next lesson.

These will be the last two parts today. New kit next weekend , and I will wrap up a couple of the QPs as well .

For now it's another part and a pack of Wedding doodles.


The doodles are done in a gold textured embroidery style.

For next week I will post a small 4th of July kit for my friends in the USA and the quickpages from Summer Wedding.
So until Sunday the 1st
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

I love this weather, pity it is over for a while now. Temperature is going down in the weekend to even 18C!
that isn;t my idea of summer weather.
Okay, a bit of rain is nice. but why has temperature drop then suddenly?????
Oh, I do have to water my tomatoe plants twice a day when it is so warm and sunny.
I do it in the morning and then early evening. You see them being happy with it LOL.
Oh, new tv! was the programming of it going smoothly?
sometimes it is a pain, you know.
well, time to put something in the oven, for dinner.
All kind of healthy things in a tray, like pumpkin, mushrooms, courgette, carrot, potatoes, paprika's (very small ones and stuffed with some minced meat).
It is yummie.
Have a fantastic week, stay safe and creative!