Sunday, September 10, 2017

And here comes the next freebie...

Hello :)
Hope you're all having a nice weekend. Mine is only starting just now. I came home from nightshift not too long ago. It's been quite cool (48F/10C degrees) here the past 2 nights and early mornings.And some of the trees , like these Horse chestnuts trees are already loosing their leaves. I took this pic on the way home earlier.Looking like fall, huh?
I'm warming up with a cup of tea and  have a nice chunk of pulled pork in my slow-cooker from over night. So I won't have much cooking to do today. The washing machine is on the go already and the cooler and rainy weather during the week has provided some creative time.
 Watercolor painting "Lavender" , and I started another autumn themed painting as well, which I'm planning to finish over my days off work.
You can see already that it will contain some pumpkins.

But that's not all ! I'm actually working on a new autumn themed kit as well.
Here's a little screenshot ...
It's coming along nicely with lots of watercolor elements.

But for now it's time for the first parts of "Yesterday's Summer Garden" as we slowly go from summer into fall.
And I have detailed previews .Not all backgrounds are shown though.Only roughly half of them :)

I will give you one file with backgrounds and one with elements again to start with.

Enjoy ...I need to have a nap now after my 12 hour nightshift and then it's really time to get out the warmer clothing , which is mostly stored in vacuum bags. And pack the sleeveless tops's getting too cold ! "shivers"

Hugs Snowy :)

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Edna B said...

Love your watercolor. You're getting really good at it. Gosh, Fall seems to come earlier to England than here. Our temps are getting very cool at night, and a bit cooler during the day, but only a few of the leaves here have turned color. I imagine they'll start turning all at once rather soon though. It's so sad to see the summer fading away.

I guess the good part of Autumn is that hurricane season will be over. The storms are getting so very severe. It's scary to think of how much worse they might get in the future.

You new Autumn kit is looking really nice. Can't wait to see it when it is finished. You enjoy your time off, and have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.