Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hoooray -it's weekend...

....and I'm off work ! Woke up from a nap not too long ago to a message "hey honey I'm home, totally zonked, gonna take a nap, i will catch up with you this evening. ♥"
So what was I up to? First of all this morning I booked a Hotel room. My flight next month is at 10 am ,I have to be at the airport by 8 am and there is no train or coach which will bring me there this early. So I'm leaving the afternoon before , travel in no hurry to Gatwick and stay over night in one of the Airport Hotels. This will be my accommodation
Resting in style with free wifi , TV and a nice shower in the morning
Full English breakfast included before I leave ...
...and no hassle free transport to my terminal , the coach goes every 15 minutes directly from the Hotel ... the best is I can sleep longer.. the Hotel is only 5-10 minutes drive from the airport (depending what terminal you need to get to) ...much better than last time when I had to get up at 3 am in the morning and was really tired when I arrived.
No wonder ... here some facts -all together I'll be travelling 19 hours ! But spread over two days it only half as bad.
After Reggie picks me up in Charlotte we will have roughly a 3 hour drive to his home.
So apart from waiting for the confirmation of the Travel/ Health Insurance I am sorted and ready :) ...North Carolina , I will be there soon,lol
The background I used is from the kit I'm working on , and here are two pages I made
And now excuse me-gotta wash the hair colour out of my hair , I'm having two wide streaks in violet ...nosey how it turns out :)
Till next time -I leave you with this "sing-along -and ass swinging tune " catchy ,lol !

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smiekeltje said...

Good idea to catch a good night sleep in the airporthotel. The travel is already long enough!
Can you imagine it's already so near?
Must be a real great feeling!
Have a lovely weekend