Friday, May 11, 2012

Seize the moment !

Hi again... yup, that's what I thought yesterday...I had to make the most out of it while the inspiration lasts....and while I had time ! Reggie had tournament last night as he does every week (twice a week in fact) and he is doing bloody well ! No.1 in the division, no.3 in Singles and I hope he kicked ass again last night. I'm looking forward to going with him to watch .... and guess what? "giggles" I'm going to have a try myself. Reggie is putting a set of darts together for me , as I can't use his -too light- and I will give it a go. The last time I did I was half drunk and that was more than 20 years ago.... lol, lets hope I hit the board instead of the wall !
But here are a few more previews of what I have worked on yesterday. Versatility is the keyword again... travel to USA , plus I will be there for the 4th of July as well ... I want something I can use for both... and it's not finished yet !
And I have been in Poser as well and played with some eagles .
It's coming together nicely so far.... let's see what else I will come up with ... tonight I will probably get a little bit more done as Reggie is still doing more overtime...but it's Friday and he could finish earlier ...I'm never sure when he is home and how many hours he does, but if he has to take his Boss's place in the office as well as work on the floor you can guarantee it gets late and he's tired. Anyway- I'm off, and catch you again next post .

Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Niece to see you are in the designing again a bit.
Oh, whee, you are going to try darts. Great.
We do have at times great tournaments on tv. There is one going on now, almost getting into the finals.
There is of course Phil Taylor, one of the greatest, but in Holland we have a few not too bad players too.
One of my favourites is an Aussie, Simon Whitlock, named The Wizzard!
Hope all your preparations go smoothly and very curious to hear about your trip, of course!
Have a lovely weekend.