Monday, May 21, 2012

Design updates

Hi all,
Yup, I have been busy over the weekend and designed a little more. I even carried on working on a kit I started quite a while ago after I talked with Reggie last about multitasking.
Oh yeah...conversation with the love of my life is this ?
Snowy: "Please stop me from doing anything stupid?"
Reggie:" Too late ! You're with me !"
hahahaha....should I be scared ,lol?
Today I have lots of plans , first Contact lens appointment, then I carry on going through my summer tops. A few of them are a bit too loose , specially the sleeveless vest tops. But that's easily fixed , a tighter seem and the straps a bit shorter and they'll be as good as new ! So I'll be altering them today. Also my sofa cushions are in a sorry wonder , the cats rest on them and even dig their claws in,so I'll be sewing a couple of new covers to go over , and they'll look like new again....then I have lots of quilt covers for single size bedding-in pairs...but I actually have a double. Nothing wrong with them , so I'll be cutting up the second one , insert a panel into a cover to make it wider and voila ....I have a double size cover!...and the left overs from the set of cream brocade design bed covers will make new cushion covers for my sofa .... there you go , - not wasting anything,lol.
But here qps of what's been added to my designs...these are more parts to the travel part of the big kit.I made sure I have lots of journaling space.
And this is from the other kit I am attempting to complete in between,lol
That's it for now again- Hugs Snowy

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