Thursday, May 31, 2012

...and in the meantime...

...designing goes on....
 Hi , I have just completed the other kit I started months ago. Have to make the most of it while I have the inspiration and are in the mood to design. Who knows how long it lasts,lol ? I certainly won't waste time on the laptop while I'm with Reggie.I might pop in from time to time but of cause he will have my full attention for the time I am there.
Kyra writes:It's coming real close now!Only 19 days, that's nothing!Some overtime for extra pocket money is okay, but try to be not too tired when the travel starts. Yes, I know, you spend the night over at the hotel, but if possible, take it easy on yourself the last 2 or 3 days before you go.
Have a great day
Hug Kyra
I will come home from night shift the morning of the 18th and sleep as much as possible that day and night. On the 19th I will not get up too late as I have to head into town before I leave in the afternoon. So no chance to take it easy 2-3 days before...I'm working late and nights as usual.But that doesn't matter, Reggie still has to work as normal as well and will be tired....we'll just recover together,lol.We're easy going... and we both like having naps when and as we feel like it.No stress !
But here's the new finished kit.I couldn't fit everything on the preview.
And an LO made with a qp from it.I was having fun experimenting with different metal and steampunk looks.
But now I'm off again....things to do and later tonight talk a little with Reggie again when he comes home from work. Oh....and on Sunday it's time for Kfest again here. I'm looking forward to the annual event and a few drinks with friends while listening and watching the bands play. Will take some pics as always and post them.
Till later
Hugs Snowy

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