Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello from Timberlake :)

Hi, I promised some pics , so here they are. Reggie is spoilng me rotten ,I really am a lucky girl. here we are in front of Reggie's house.
Dart tournament on Thursday.And yes-Reggie's team won again.

Evening with Friends- Monkey and Maddie, Sharon and Joe, plus Reggie and myself , Reggie cooked dinner .... yummie, he's hired,lol
 At the creek ...we found a Copperhead Snake (Reggie took this pic) and he caught a frog ...we did let it go again , of cause.

6 mile hike along the river...magical ! That Mimosa tree is just beautiful.

Turtle sunning on the river ,lol. Last night was a 4 course dinner at the Melting Pot. Private booth with curtain drawn, red roses , 4 course fondue...cheese,salad,main course and chocolate plus cocktail and champagne....heaven :) Kyra, I couldn't be in better hands !
 I'm loving it here ! Next weekend we're off to Concord to meet Ivy, Jussi,Nita and Wendy (and a few more) ...plenty more photo opportunities till then...
Hugs Snowy and Reggie


smiekeltje said...

Nature there looks awesome. Oh whee, Reggie shouldn't spoil you too much, you might get used to it LOL!
Love it to read you have a wonderful time there.
Tip to Reggie: It okay to be nice to her,I even order youm but....... don't overdo it, she is and stays a nutty girl, and......... if you do it too much, there is no more surprise in it ROFL.
Both of you, enjoy the time together, and cherish it!!!

Edna B said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. It sure is pretty country there. How are you holding up under the heat? Of course, there's always A/C. Have a wonderful time. Hugs, Edna B.