Monday, June 18, 2012

Word art freebie and packing

Whooohooo.... it's the last day here, tomorrow I will be on my way !
Today it's a case of cleaning and tidying up one last time Shaun has a harder job to mess things things up while I'm gone , and packing the last things into my suitcase.
It's not just me who is cleaning ... Reggie was doing the same yesterday.Bur at least he doesn't have the cat litter boxes to deal with .... they make me gasp for fresh air every time.
And packing is a tough job for a girl ,lol.... unlike Reggie who just slings a week worth of clothes into a duffel bag , for a female the mix and match syndrome has to be considered. What can I wear with that t-shirt, which shoes are best to fit with most of the stuff I'm taking? Any occasion to dress up? What am I going to wear? Luckily I'm easy in the make-up department,lol... a bit of mineral powder , lipstick or gloss,Mascara and eyeliner ...and unless I really want to lay it on thick a mineral blusher and some eyeshadow .Which happens once in a blue moon,I much prefer a natural look and not as if I have fallen into a Crayola Paintbox ! I'm taking one set of different jewellery to wear for our night out , not half the contents of my jewellery box,lol. Weight limit is 50 pounds or 23 kg for the suitcase, plus hand luggage of a x of 13 pounds or 6 kg.
So later I will have to weigh the the suitcase to make sure I'm not over the allowed weight...or I will have to pay on top.
My e-cig will be so practical during the journey....6 hours on the bus to London and then 9 hours flight.I'm grateful for my refillable electronic cigarette and spare batteries ! This little baby cuts my smoking in half of what I used to.
Oh yes, Sam has a new favourite place to sleep. I bought a rug to go under my desk chair , as the wheels kept doing damage to the floor ...and he likes it a lot. His new favourite place is at my feet ,lol.
Unlike Dusty , who enjoys spreading out on the sofa with Misty.Comfortable???

                So currently the floor is taken up with suit case and rucksack , waiting for the last bits to go in.... and occasionally the cats trying to make a bed on top of my clothing.... oh no, you are so not coming with me,lol.
Reggie has two more days to work , today and tomorrow, so he went to bed early last night as he has to get up at 4.30am, we stopped talking around 8pm.
Kyra, I deposited all my plants downstairs, so Shaun won't have to go into my room upstairs to water them-he would forget anyway.... watering plants is not something 20 year old young men are interested in.

But just in case ...there is a reminder in the kitchen where he WILL GO to make coffee,lol.

Enough of that now is the Word art freebie.

 Leaving you with some music from Men in Black 3
...back in time ;) hugs Snowy

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