Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog design experiments

Hi all,
as you can see I have been playing around with the blog design. Natalie gave me the guidelines for blog design , so I had a look at those. I was looking for a way to make it easier readable, but still able to keep my black rose background. Let's face it ...a white and simple background ? I know it says "white space is your friend"...but that just wouldn't be me! I have to find a middle way ,lol. To have that "white space" and make it easier readable, but still keep my "Snowraven style" .Let's face it -I'm an old Goth .We don't really do white.So what you see now is what I came up with this morning.Sort of a compromise, hey?

So what else has been going on here? Not much really. My poor Reggie is recovering from a bad cold and lost his voice.He still sounds rather rough, but I'm glad he's getting better slowly. Shaun is looking for a new job, he had enough and wants something that doesn't clash with being a Special. I had one of "those days" yesterday where I can just shake my head about myself.....after searching for my cigarettes for half an hour and wondering where I put them I finally found them in the fridge.Yeah, you read that right,lol. Short after I discovered I have been wearing my knickers inside out all day ....only took me 3/4 of the day to notice it.

I have still not heard anything back from the Lady who offered me a place as Designer and to sell my kits on her site. She wanted to send me a contract to look at which I never received. So I sent her a message to remind her .... we will see how it goes on.

Today is really my first day off, not counting Sunday as I slept most of the day after working nights , and yesterday I did overtime.Reggie's birthday parcel is on the way to NC, and coming next week I can finally show you what I did for him. But until then...psssst...I don't want to ruin the surprise :) 

And Ivy wrote last night that they are on Tornado watch where she lives in NC - stay safe peeps !
Severe Storm Threat in the East Tuesday
Apparently we are to expect bright fall colours due to the weather all year .... I'm patiently waiting. Me and my camera should be able to shoot some great pics if that is the case.

Kyra, so sorry to hear about Jan's bike. I can sympathize because I have to rely on my bike to get me to and from work as well.
Edna, I use  Bob Martin Flea and Tick Spot on for my cats. It's really easy to use.You just open a tiny tube and apply the content to the back of their neck onto the skin. It works well to repel fleas and ticks.

As for Craft projects I am really wanting to make...how clever is this? It's made from an old Hard cover book.
See how to make it here: http://www.cometogetherkids.com/2011/12/kindle-cover-from-hardcover-book.html

I also love the idea to make a Witches hat from old newspapers as Halloween decoration

...and this very simple idea of attaching autumn leaves to sheet music, a nice Fall decoration for the cost of a few pages of paper, printer ink, glue and some string.
Anyway, that's all for today - I have cleaning to do in here. I will post the next freebie on the 22nd , the Autumn Equinox , so until then ....
Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

Good morning. I love the witch hat made from newspaper. Your new blog look is quite nice. I'll have to look at it on my regular laptop (at home) as it doesn't all fit on the screen on my little laptop. (the one I take to work) The colors are rather pretty. Sorry to hear about Reggie's cold. It seems to be going around early this year. Gotta go now, I'm still at work. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.